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AvP Classic 2000 - Easter Eggs in Hadley's Hope (Multiplayer Map)
by Ernix
In this guide i will show you how to reach the Easter Egg in Hadley's Hope....
How to Unlock the Single-Player Bonus Modes (aka Cheat Options)
by Olde
This guide provides a set of descriptions of and list of requirements for each of the game's single-player bonus gameplay modes (this game's unlockable achievements, called Cheat Options by the game's own terminology). It also includes my personal strateg...
How to Make a Custom Menu Background
by Olde
This guide will tell you how to get rid of the ugly green nondescript menu background and change it to whatever image you want....
How to Play the Single-Player Levels Cooperatively
by Olde
Have you ever wanted to play the single-player levels with your friends? Or have you ever wanted to play them with even more enemies? Then look no further, this guide will give you all the information you need!...
Aliens Vesus Predator Classic 2000 Walkthrough Videos
by Sexy Robot Rock Star
Youtube Walkthrough Guides of every species and map. Redux Graphic Mod: Unlocked Levels Profile to fix crashing on map end:
How to Add Custom Maps to AVP Classic 2000 (For Steam and GOG Users)
by Olde
This guide will provide you with the links to custom maps to AVP Classic 2000 and will walk you through how to add them. It covers Fox Interactive's official maps as well as fan-made maps. LAST UPDATE: DEC. 9, 2014 ...
Debug Mode
by MandatoryAlcatraz
Did you 100% Aliens Versus Predator? Have you played through each of the levels tens of times? Have you unlocked all the cheat options? Want some more Single-Player content? Well, this guide will show you how to use Console Commands and Debug mode....
Olde's Guide On The Alien
by Olde
A basic guide on playing as the alien....
How to fix the AvP background + theme
by Hinsonator
Just thought i'd add a small background for those who want to change AvP's background to what it was back in 1999....
How to Add Custom Taunts and Other Sound Effects to AVP
by Olde
This guide will show you how to personalize your game by adding your own sounds to the taunt feature and other aspects....