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Aliens versus Predator Classic 2000

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Debug Mode
By Mr. Mandatory and 1 collaborators
Do you have 100% in Aliens Versus Predator? Have you played through each of the levels a bunch of times? Have you unlocked all of the cheat options? Want some more Single-Player content? Well, this guide will show you how with Console Commands and Debug mode.
If you are like most people, you like messing around in single-player games. A great way to do this is console commands, whether it be invincibility, or exploding enemies. Limitless options are at your disposal with Single-Player console commands.

Aliens versus Predator Classic has unlockable cheat options within the levels themselves. But some of them are pointless, and you may play some only once or twice. The best way to have fun in Single-Player is Debug Mode.

This guide will show you how to use Console Commands and Debug Mode in Single-Player.
Enabling Debug Mode
First things first, you have to enable Debug mode. Not every command needs to be done in Debug mode (Example: Version), the ones that are 'cheaty' (Example: God mode) must be done in Debug. Open up your Steam Library, locate Aliens Versus Predator Classic 2000, Right-Click Aliens Versus Predator Classic 2000,Click on Properties, Click the 'Set launch Options' button, and type '-debug'. Alright, you have enabled debug mode, easy, right?

After launching up Aliens Versus Predator Classic 2000, you should notice the Multiplayer menu is missing. This means debug has been successfully enabled.
Debug Command Notes
Now we get to the meat and bones of this guide and debug mode, the commands.

To open up the console, press your chat button (Defaults: T and Y)

A few things to note while entering commands:
-The command MUST be written in CAPS, otherwise they will not work.
-You must delete SAY first, then type in the command you want and press Enter. When you want to close the console, re-type SAY and press Enter.
-AI spawning only works if the species you are trying to spawn is already in the level, if there aren't any aliens in a level, you can't spawn aliens. The same goes for predators or marines. However, there is a program you can download to circumvent this. Read Olde's guide on that here.
Debug Mode Commands
These are commands that will only work in debug mode.

GOD - Enables and disables invincibility

GIVEALLWEAPONS - Gives you all weapons (primarily for Marine; for Pred its usage is to be able to use the pistol and disc in Waterfall and Area 52)

GIMME_CHARGE - Recharges the Predator's Field Charge

LIGHT - Spawns a light around you, everytime you use this command the light gets brighter.

MOTIONTRACKERSPEED # (# is a number between 0-16) - Changes motion tracker speed (marine)

MOTIONTRACKERVOLUME - Changes motion tracker volume (marine)

TIMESCALE # (where # is a number between 0.995-4) - Adjusts speed of game

WIREFRAMEMODE # (where # is a number between 0-3) - Toggles wire frame mode; the differences were much more apparent in Gold Edition, here there's basically only two modes.

LEANSCALE # (where # is a number between 0-10) - Adjusts amount of tilt when sidestepping

SKY_RED # (where # is a number between 0-255) - Adjusts red tint in sky

SKY_GREEN # (where # is a number between 0-255) - Adjusts green tint in sky

SKY_BLUE # (where # is a number between 0-255) - Adjusts blue tint in sky

SHOWFPS - Displays frame rate
Standard Commands
Here are the commands that you can use outside of debug mode.

LISTCMD - Shows all console commands (Parts of it zooms by, so you can't see all of them, take a quick screenshot to see them)

BIND [Enter key to bind here] [Enter command here] - binds a key to a command, useful for CrouchMode. For example, BIND C CROUCHMODE 1, BIND F5 QUICKSAVE, BIND L SAY lol

LISTBIND - Lists all current keybinds

UNBIND-ALL - Destroys all keybinds

ID_PLAYER - Displays name of player nearest center of screen, a useful keybind

SHOW_SCORE - Show frag score

CROUCHMODE 1 - Enables Crouch toggle, meaning you don't have to hold down the crouch key, just press the key to crouch, press it again to stand up! Useful for Aliens

CROUCHMODE 0 - If you are in crouchmode 1 this will put you back to the default crouch mode.

SAVESLEFT - Displays current number of saves left

SAVE [1 - 8] - Saves in slot 1 - 8, whichever you specified

LOAD [1 - 8] - Loads slot 1 - 8, whichever you specified

QUICKSAVE - Quick Saves in slot 1, a useful keybind

QUICKLOAD - Quick Loads slot 1, a useful keybind

VERSION - Displays the current version of AvP

SAY - Broadcast message, also used to exit chat box.

SPECIES_SAY - Broadcast message to your species only

SCREENSHOT - Take a screenshot

NETSHOWBANDWIDTH - Displays input and output bandwidth

CDPLAY # - Select CD track to play

CDPLAYLOOP # - Select CD track to be looped

CDVOLUME # - Set sound level

CDSTOP - Stop playing CD track

EXTRAPOLATE_MOVEMENT - Toggle network opponent movement (usage unknown)

DOPPLERSHIFT # (0 or 1) - Toggle doppler shift on Alien NPC sounds (untested)
Marine Spawn Command List
Like I said before, if the species you are trying to spawn in isn't in the level, you can't spawn it in. Very few levels feature all three species.

MARINEBOT - Spawns a marine/civilian

MARINEBOT 0 - Spawns a marine with a random weapon

MARINEBOT 1 - Spawns a marine with pulse rifle

MARINEBOT 2 - Spawns a marine with a flamethrower

MARINEBOT 3 - Spawns a marine with a smartgun

MARINEBOT 4 - Spawns a marine with a sadar

MARINEBOT 5 - Spawns a marine with a grenade launcher

MARINEBOT 6 - Spawns a marine with a minigun

MARINEBOT 7 - Spawns a civilian with a shotgun

MARINEBOT 8 - Spawns a civilian with a pistol

MARINEBOT 9 - Spawns a civilian with a flamethrower

MARINEBOT 10 - Spawns a civilian with no weapons

MARINEBOT 11 - Spawns a civilian with a molotov

MARINEBOT 12 - Spawns a marine with a pistol

MARINEBOT 13 - Spawns an android with a shotgun

MARINEBOT 14 - Spawns an android with a bigger pump shotgun

MARINEBOT 15 - Spawns an android with a pistol
Predator Spawn Command List
Here is the predator section:

Tip: The predator is featured in very few levels, meaning you can't spawn him in very many levels.

PREDOBOT - Spawns a predator

PREDOBOT 0 - Spawns a predator with a random weapon

PREDOBOT 1 - Spawns a predator using the shoulder cannon

PREDOBOT 2 - Spawns a predator using the wristblades
Alien Spawn Command List
This is the list for alien spawn commands:

ALIENBOT - Spawns a normal Xenomorph

PREDALIENBOT - Spawns a Predalien

PRAETORIANBOT - Spawns a Praetorian

XENOBORG - Spawns the robotic xenoborg. Like the predators, they are featured in very few levels
Disabling Debug Mode
To disable debug mode, once again right click on Aliens versus Predator Classic 2000 in your steam library. Then click on properties, then set launch options. Delete "-debug".
A question you may be asking
Your Question: "Is this cheating?! Can I get banned for this?! Why are you teaching people how to cheat?!"

My Response: "No, no. Debug Mode only works in Single-Player, so don't worry. If you are modding or cheating in single-player you aren't going to get into trouble. Obviously, I don't condone cheating or hacking in Multi-Player, it ruins the game for everyone else. I have ran into many hackers in my days and I hate it as much as the next guy. Hacking in Multi-Player isn't okay, and this guide isn't showing you how to hack Multi-Player. Debug mode only affects Single-Player, don't worry."
More Guides (By Me!)
Hey, did you know I have written more guides for Aliens versus Predator Classic 2000?

I've also written guides for other games as well:

Also, I've helped on other guides, too. Check them out:
MandatoryAlcatraz - This guide was written by MandatoryAlcatraz and features screenshots by MandatoryAlcatraz

Olde - Olde rearranged a couple sections and added numerous console and debug commands and descriptions

Anyone who contributes to making this guide better in the future will get proper credit.
(Mandatory) September 21, 2016:
-Changed the description

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+ Added Changelog section to guide
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SecretAgentKiiN 特务健 Mar 11, 2022 @ 2:15am 
Thanks for all the efforts in this guide!
SharkOfTheDead Dec 23, 2021 @ 3:45pm 
RQ which levels have predators when you play as an alien? I'm on Earthbound, typed the command to spawn a predator, yet nothing happen, not even the message that pops up when you try spawning in a NPC type that's not in the level (for example, the message you get when you try spawning another alien on the alien missions.) is it bugged or can you only spawn Predators on the bonus alien levels?
bad_translation Jul 26, 2021 @ 4:32pm 
the game prevents you from progessing further while in debug mode. tested this in a new save
snickers May 9, 2021 @ 5:58pm 
Is there a possible way to play as Alien in skirmish mode, and if so, is it possible to play as the different variants?
Jackal4550 Mar 28, 2021 @ 8:54am 
Can anyone help with scrolling down in the main menu? i can not use mouse or any keys to select anything. The only two keys that work are Enter and Escape.

Just want to play a game from my child hood.
Thanks in advance for any comment with helpful advice
Klog Jan 29, 2020 @ 10:57pm 
How do I get the ai to stop attacking me? I wanna do cool ai stuff but I cant seem to get a noclip or spectator mode?
E c h o Jun 5, 2019 @ 7:07pm 
Mr. Mandatory  [author] Jun 5, 2019 @ 6:28pm 
Type "SAY" and press enter
E c h o Jun 5, 2019 @ 4:49pm 
how do i exit the console?
T4RG3T501 Sep 25, 2018 @ 10:38am 
i can´t use "QUICKSAVE" either. do anyone have a solution for this? or maybe a trainer or another way to use cheats?