Quentarus 2013年9月1日下午10:44
Neuropozyne quest in the first chapters
So when I am finally go back to the guy to tell him he is out of the whole drug thing, he is glitched cowering, is there a way to get him to stop?
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*Pew Pew* 2013年9月2日上午12:50 
are you talking bout the brad radford level?
El_Coronel 2013年9月2日上午1:53 
Have you tried transitioning to another area?
UZI SUICIDE 2013年9月4日下午2:40 
make sure you put away your gun of course
kivimik 2013年9月6日下午3:43 
It may be that you haven't holstered your weapon before you approach him. How did you "dispatch" the drug dealers? If you made a lot of noise, that could also be a factor.
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