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KAMI 100%
by T.
KAMI 100%...
KAMI Puzzle solutions
by SocioPsycho
Hello everyone this, guide that will cover the puzzles in this game. Currently avaiable is, Basic Puzzles B-E, Kami Premium Puzzles 1,2 and 3. Like if you like, dislike if you dislike, feel free to comment and or join the channel for future adventures....
Better solutions for some puzzles in premium 3 进阶谜题3中一些谜题的更好解法
by 警察叔叔,就是他!
KAMI Classic Puzzles Perfect Solutions (Video Guide)
by ЅДм╬мДN
This guide is about the Perfect! solutions for the KAMI game. I've created videos for the each you just need to click on this playlist or see the videos section from this guide! [url=
Beginner Tips
by jacksonsking
A few mental excercises for beginners that will help you in solving the puzzels. Contains no spoilers or cheats....
Hint Limit Work-Around
by ρσѕт-мόδεгп {EMC}
For those who think the hint limit is stupid, and just want to play the game....
Puzzle 3-8 in 13 moves
by brentwalla
Looked around and could not find this 13 move solution listed. Stumbled across it when attempting to recreate a 15 move solution. No video so I'll offer step by step screen shots....