The LEGO® Movie - Videogame
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Lego Movie The Videogame Playthrough Guide
by Ethanjg
This is a video guide of how I got through Lego Movie the Videogame....
LEGO The Movie Video Game: Achievement Guide
by [31] ramdrop
A complete guide on all of the achievements to help you score that extra perfect game....
To the Invsible Jet Achievement
by Mkom
Video Version beneath the text 1. Go to Old West. 2. Start Cloud Cuckoo Land in Free Play 3. Go to the right and destroy the Rainbowbricks with unikitty 4. Build the "catapult" 5. Use it 6. The jet is on your right side...
How to make The LEGO® Movie work
by Sch0rsch
How to change the resolution so you can play the game properly and not just watch how the .exe minimizes. ...
Broden's LEGO Videogame Help-The LEGO Movie Videogame
by legogamesguy
This guide covers a complete walkthrough for The LEGO Movie Videogame. It covers all 15 levels, as well as a complete guide to Hub exploration. It even contains a little section of cheat codes. I hope you enjoy this guide. Check out more just like it at h...
Few easy achievement guides.
by Ken Pallav
Guide for few easy achievements, but easy missable....
by EpicGamering
The Kragleizer Dance Mini Game For The LEGO Movie Videogame On PC CAUSE SOMEONE AT TT(who made da game) FORGOT DAT IT SHOWS XBLOX AND NOT PC BUTTONS. Here Is How To Figure Em Out =D ENJOY!...
I Could Sing This Song For Hours / No Way, This is My Jam Achievement
by Emre
Küçücük bir rehber hazırladım Lego Movie Videogame den 48 Achievement den 2 si olan I Could Sing This Song For Hours / No Way, This is My Jam Achievementleri nasıl alınıcagını videoyla birlikte gösterdim umarım yardımcı olmusumdur :) Hi...
by lol2u
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