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Earning Crystals, Explained
by keynup
A rundown of ways to earn crystals....
Achivement "Dragon Hugger"
by Raenef
Info how to get the achivement "Dragon Hugger"...
Arcberht Guide
by Dragonlord
This is a guide for Arcfury and Ulfberht, a powerful striker combination....
Dragons and Titans : Blood Thief
by Nameless
1st Edition Dragon Lord Dragon Guide ISSUE #1 BLOOD THIEF : THE CURSE OF THE NIGHT Everything you need to know about The Blood Thief all in one place. Covering Everything from the basics right upto adva...
by Dragonlord
This guide will explain how to forge weapons while saving runes and time....
Dragons and Titans Tips and Tricks
by Darkdinoguy
This game is awesome, but many people don't understand the roles or common knowledge needed to make this game fun. Here is a guide for beginners. If you found this useful, I am glad. If not please tell me how I can improve it. I will also try to make g...
Fire Dragon
by Number One [CRONOS]
(Tutorial) Frostbane the Chill Terror
by Darkdinoguy
Frostbane is a beefy dragon with a slow start. Here is some basic tips to get him going. Check Basics tutorial first. And leave feedback comments.
Dragons and Titans : Mistfallow (New guide)
by Pyrosynthesis
This is a guide for Mistfallow -The Soul Thief. I'll explain and cover almost everything in this guide....
Voidstar: The Cosmic Lens Uses and Pairings
by Darkdinoguy
Voidstar is a weapon that is used very little but is perhaps one of the better weapons. Please check my previous guide in the link bellow first. Feel free to comment below and share any ide...