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CtrlAltDestroy Apr 20, 2014 @ 10:13am
Why are the level thumbnails so awful?
I've noticed that the screenshots used for level thumbnails in this game are consistently terrible.

For one thing, I’ve noticed that they’re always changing, even if they’re already on the server. A single level will one day be zoomed in on the start point, and another day the same level’s thumbnail will be zoomed out such that nothing on the thumbnail is even close to recognizable.

Many times levels will get a thumbnail that’s not even for the correct level.

Here, you will see that “Rigged Racer” has a thumbnail that is clearly a different version of the one for “Security Breach”, and the ever-popular “Chip: Lesson 1” level has somehow acquired the thumbnail that “Rigged Racer” is supposed to have. This is on the cc3d website:

On the in-game level browser, the thumbnails are an utter joke. They are placed on the backdrop of a stock thumbnail and never seem to cover it the whole way, making most of the thumbnails look like Missingno. This is compounded with the previous problems, that they tend to change zoom levels daily and sometimes aren’t even for the correct level.

I especially like the top right and bottom right screenshots.

So… what the heck is going on, and are there any plans to fix it? Things have been this way since I first started playing CC3D. I cannot imagine that this is anything but a server-side issue, and probably not even with the game program itself.
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Allack  [developer] Apr 27, 2014 @ 12:46pm 
CtrlAltDestroy this is something on our current hit list that we've hopefully fixed. So we'll see when the new update comes out
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