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Actively Playing (for 100% Completion)

>> One Finger Death Punch

:supersync: Riff Racer: 41 paint jobs left to unlock.

:kragg: Rivals of Aether: 54 / 80 abyss levels gained. 64,000 / 100,000 coins collected.

Actively Playing (100% Completion Unlikely)

Streaming Games

Games that used to be completed until new achievements were added
:UAC: DOOM: They added new multiplayer achievements. Guess I gotta go back sometime.

:cc3dsnappy: Chuck's Challenge 3D: - G and H worlds added.

:krlvlup: Kingdom Rush

:redslimebeast: HyperRogue: 93%

>> TIS-100: 21 / 22 segments repaired

:munchies: 7 Days to Die

:vlambeerEyes: Nuclear Throne: Request by Whiteout

:Owl: Hotline Miami: Request by sgtpieman

>> Beyond Good & Evil: Request by GeminiSaint

:LIS_butterfly: Life Is Strange: Request by Arbitrary Reniassance

:mno9icepower: Mighty No. 9: For the lulz.

:Dosh: Killing Floor: 12% Complete. Aiming for 50%.

:2: Payday 2: 2% Complete. Aiming for 30%.

>> Zeit²: Now all that's left is to perform a huuuge Perfect Time Travel... somewhere.

>> Lexica: All easy and medium puzzles done! 9 / 96 hard puzzles done.

:Norse: Rise of Nations: Extended Edition: Currently playing multiplayer matches. 50% achievements!

:lucif4r: Pony Island: Beat the game once! Got to search for more tickets.

:protozoid: Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition: Finished Duke It Out In D.C.! Next up is Duke: Nuclear Winter.

:avdrone: Axiom Verge: Disappointing ending, but great game. Now to find 100% items.

:huey: DuckTales Remastered: Completed hard mode! Now for Extreme mode.

>> Toki Tori: 4 / 12 normal levels in Bubble Barrage, 1 / 9 hard levels in Slimy Sewer.

:frog: Toki Tori 2+: Streaming game for GeminiSaint. 2 / 5 Golden frogs

>> Alien: Isolation: Restarted on Novice Mode. Can I complete Med Bay without getting killed?

:closetgamer: La-Mulana: Beat Hell Temple! Next, need to start a new game and kill all bosses with no sub-weapons!

2020 Completed Games
>> DOOM 64
>> Furwind
>> FoxyLand 2

2019 Completed Games
:seasons_spring: Seasons After Fall
>> Space Climber
>> FoxyLand
:feona: Fitz the Fox

2018 Completed Games
:fhappy: Dust: An Elysian Tail
:mrghost: Letter Quest: Grimm's Journey Remastered
:spookycloseup: Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion: HD Renovation
:stardrop: Stardew Valley
:offensivegem: DungeonUp
:megaman: Mega Man Legacy Collection 2
:isaac: The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth
:140Stop: 140
:minit_eyepatch: Minit
:guacegg: Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition
:cupup: Cuphead
>> Gunmetal Arcadia
>> Gunmetal Arcadia Zero
:ABAHBJellybean: A Boy and His Blob
:chimenote: Chime Sharp

2017 Completed Games
>> Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition
>> Human Resource Machine
>> Hexcells Infinite
:googly: Yooka-Laylee
:elementsigma: SpaceChem
:plagueknight: Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove

2016 Completed Games
:DragonHopeful: Dragon's Wake
:thekid: Bastion
>> Cubemen
:beatnote: Inside My Radio
:IEA_Phredrick: Iggy's Egg Adventure
:skyelaugh: Super Sanctum TD
:mindblown: SUPERHOT
>> Evoland 2
:petal: Freedom Planet
>> Tembo the Badass Elephant
:greeninvader: Void Invaders
:thehero: Castle In The Darkness
:sugarskull: Guacamelee! Gold Edition
:trO8: Transcripted
:sleepingMouse: Escape Goat
>> NightSky
:ichi_redtri: Ichi
>> Evoland
>> Grey Cubes
>> Magnetis
>> Hexcells Plus
>> Micron
>> Bejeweled 3
:asl_emily: Emily is Away
:CC1Hover: Chip's Challenge 1
:terraria: Terraria
:kuro: Ori and the Blind Forest
:drlight: Mega Man Legacy Collection
>> Bloo Kid 2
:pixegg: Pix the Cat
:blimp: Contraption Maker
:archerrat: Bad Rats

2015 Completed Games
>> Downwell
>> Blast Em!
:pathos: SOMA
:riverglance: To the Moon
:deathstare: Pushcat
:melogreen: Melody's Escape
:qr: The Talos Principle
>> Lucid
>> Super Puzzle Platformer Deluxe
>> Turba
>> Audiosurf
:whitetile: Unium
:coolness: Fine Sweeper
:question_mark: Hook
>> Borderless Gaming
:waveycyclops: Instant Dungeon!
:phoenixheart: Phoenix Force
:Squirrels: Potatoman Seeks the Troof
>> Spirit Run - Fire vs. Ice
:helpfulalien: Out There Somewhere
:shipwreckbow: Shipwreck
:meanie: Super Win the Game
:lyneglow: LYNE
>> Super Laser Racer
:gaper: The Binding of Isaac
:dg2planet: Defense Grid 2
>> The Stanley Parable Demo
>> 4 Elements
>> Arcadia
>> Chaos Theory
:dglogo: Defense Grid: The Awakening
>> The Basement Collection
:ampersand: Type:Rider
:notebook: Scribblenauts Unlimited
:annoyedking: Teslagrad
:trolled: Point Perfect
:bh: Beat Hazard

2014 Completed Games
>> You Have to Win the Game
:skullz: Orcs Must Die! 2
>> Super Hexagon
>> Orcs Must Die!
>> PAC-MAN Championship Edition DX+
>> Hexcells
:parachute: Titan Attacks

2013 Completed Games
>> Flight Control HD
>> Tidalis
>> Obulis
:bittripcore: BIT.TRIP CORE
:famicart: BIT.TRIP Presents... Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien
>> Luxor Evolved
:james: Anodyne
>> 1000 Amps
>> Thomas Was Alone
:drbones: 10,000,000

2012 and Earlier
:bluelightorb: Waveform
:wizorbwink: Wizorb
:commandervideo: BIT.TRIP RUNNER
>> Plants vs. Zombies: Game of the Year
:baby: 1... 2... 3... KICK IT! (Drop That Beat Like an Ugly Baby)
>> Shatter
>> Cogs
>> Zuma's Revenge
:neutral: Eversion
>> Droplitz
>> Chime
>> Braid
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7.2 Hours played
A poor guy living in a world of black and white finds a sword washed up on a beach. Thinking he's in Link's Awakening, he grabs the sword only to find out that it's cursed -- and he now has only 60 seconds left to live. Furthermore, no matter how many times he dies, he'll just wake up again in his room the next day. Trapped in his endless, miserable existence of having to rush everywhere just to perform the simplest of errands, he discovers that he can make tiny changes to the world every day, however small, and he embarks on a quest to the sword factory to get the curse removed.

Minit is kind of an interesting cross between WarioWare and Zelda. You’d think that dying every sixty seconds would be really annoying – and it sometimes is – but it’s a perfect little proof-of-concept game, showing how the timer really changes the way you play a Zeldalike. The world is tiny, streamlined, and very much one big puzzle in disguise. There’s a certain sense of mystery to the world that comes with not being able to stop and let everything sink in, only having time to try one new idea every day. As you venture into new areas only to get quick 10-second glimpses of new rooms, you start to piece together all the hints and figure out what the game wants you to do, and it’s highly satisfying to make progress, especially when you solve a puzzle right at the buzzer.

I loved everything about the game’s style. The art is all in pure black and white, bringing back memories of Downwell, a similarly-styled game which only displayed a palette of three colors. The sprites were all adorable, especially the duck-faced protagonist, and there’s delightfully oddball humor everywhere you turn. The soundtrack fits the pace of the game so well; it’s catchy and motivational, inspiring you to make the best use of the little time you have, but it also has a wonderfully comforting undertone, always reminding you to be patient with yourself, to forget your failures, and that victory will come to you in time. (The composer is Jukio Kallio, the same composer of the Nuclear Throne soundtrack.)

As for things I disliked: I feel that the game was over a bit too quickly, and that some of the puzzles and situations were a bit too simple, falling a bit short of the true potential of the timer gimmick. I would have liked to see a Zelda-style series of dungeons to explore, some more items and bosses, more puzzles that require you to realize non-obvious faster solutions, and perhaps some play with the timer mechanic itself, such as being able to collect items that permanently expand the timer in the same way that heart containers work. I’d love to see a sequel that expands upon this premise.

I also feel that some of the items and hidden secrets are very obtuse and not hinted very well, and you’ll most certainly need a guide to get the last 6-or-so coins and the hidden weapon. I didn’t like how some of the optional items only become available near the game’s end when you no longer need them. I got the impression that the designers started to get confused about how to handle the endgame – they wanted to sprinkle little secrets and extra content everywhere while trying not to overstay their welcome, and they ended up doing the exact reverse, adding headache-inducing secret collectables which, once obtained, are disappointing and useless because the game’s already over.

On a positive note, I quite enjoyed the “second run” mode. When you beat the game, you unlock a harder, remixed version of the game, which reduces the timer to only 40 seconds and adds evil little changes everywhere in the world. (Although heaven help you if you didn’t use a guide to get 100% in the normal mode, because you’re going to need absolutely everything in the game just to stand a chance against the hard-mode boss.)

Overall, though a bit quaint, I found the game very enjoyable and memorable. It began getting stale near the end, but I think it could have been easily avoided if they went a little lighter on the secret collectables, and instead extended the main story a bit farther with some more creative ideas. I’ll give it a 6.8 / 10. It’s absolutely worth playing if you’re a fan of experimental game mechanics or monochrome art, although I’d wait or a half-off sale.

To get the most out of the game, I recommend beating the game without a guide (easily done in a 3-hour sitting), using a guide to get 100% completion, then beating the second run without a guide. Achievement hunters should be done with the game in about 6 hours.

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