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Darkest Dungeon - The Crimson Court - Build #20222
Darkest Dungeon
  • Increased max available Quests by 1: more choices!
  • First pass on tuning curio interaction delays, bark times, and other stuff to help speed up delays.
  • Shrieker steal event will now only happen after week 40 and will only happen once per campaign.
  • Jester’s Finale Skill Redesign (and Related)
    • Finale was too effective at one-shotting mobs without any real downside or lasting cost. Skill has been redesigned to preserve the intent as a powerful big mob finisher, which takes time and setup to achieve maximum power.
    • Finale
      • Battle limit of 1
      • Finale cannot crit
      • Finale accuracy increased greatly
      • Dramatically reduced base damage.
      • Finale leaves a 12 round DEF debuff, to represent exhaustion.
      • Other jester moves (“Dirk Stab”, “Inspiring Tune”, “Battle Ballad”) give a 7 round +20% stackable damage buff to Finale.
    • Solo
      • Accuracy increased
      • Battle Limit 2
      • Gives a 7 round +50% stackable damage buff to Finale.
    • NOTE: we want Finale to still feel awesome and vital, but it was wrecking the balance. We’ll be monitoring feedback on this redesign and will tune more if necessary to ensure it’s a valuable skill...but not toooooo valuable.
  • Puppet Theatre cost increased and damage bonus decreased
  • Reducing new Buff/Debuff Narration VO to be much more rare.
  • Fixed Monster attacks that could give incompatible quirks and crash the game.
  • Fixed Quirks being able to evolve while you are treating them.
  • Sped up several Cove Monsters Animations slightly (Now more they look more menacing!)
  • Fixed Equipping Trinkets out of the loot window.
  • Updated Man-at-Arms, Highwayman, and Vestals combat idle animations
  • Compressed some Tool-tip Strings (MaA Retribution)
  • Fixed from self heal skills not being able to trigger narration.
  • Standardized crit chances of heals.
  • Tooltip Formatting and UI fixes
  • Various string fixes

The Crimson Court
  • Fixed Achievements:
    • World End - now awarded for completing Bloodmoon.
    • An Unexpected Party
    • What Strange Bedfellows
    • Bloodcult
    • The Flesh is willing - Will now proc if you get your first Flagellant via Town Event and not Stagecoach
  • The Blood now stacks at 6
  • Bosses now award an Invite for the the subsequent boss (if you have already generated a boss quest this effect won’t appear until you start the next one.)
  • Removed Initial Heal amount on Restoration Pop Text (Should no longer show a 0)
  • Fixed Bloodmoon death limit
  • Fixed Crimson Court Set Trinket rarity(Should now also trigger the correct Shrieker fight when stolen)
  • Statue:
    • Shield is now stun immune
    • Increased HP/Prot slightly
    • Small increase to laser damage
  • Fixed the Courtyard appearing locked on the Quest Select screen..
  • Shortened infestation 2 and 3 top end variability
  • Fixed to curios breaking when in Boss rooms. (Chest in Countess room should now correctly give players the Green Key)
  • Viscount and Crocodilian can no longer critically heal (See, we do nice things sometimes)
  • Fix to hero initiatives being lost when Viscount feeds.
  • Fixed quirks/affliction curio interaction with the key chests. (Reynauld can no longer steal your CC quest keys, lol)
  • Added Subtitles for Crimson Court cinematics. (Only English for now, Localization on the way)

  • Added “remove on battle complete” parameter to buffs.
  • Updated vestal combat idle; cleaned up combat idle cutouts (Will break skin mods)
  • Updated Highwayman combat idle; cleaned up combat idle cutouts (Will break skin mods)
  • Fixed for when a prisoner's hero class isn't found, to generate a new hero.
  • Ability to disable heal crits.
  • Added ability to generate random loot from quest curios.[/list

Darkest Dungeon - Workshop hotfix
  • Fixed a bug with the how the map processing handles quest curios within the uploader.

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