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Полная поддержка геймпада, как в xbox 360 версии.
by Pilgrim of Darkness
Mass Effect 2 Guide for Continuing Players
by sinewav
Tips and spoiler-free pointers for veterens of Mass Effect 1 who have completed the first chapter of the triology and are contuniung their character's journey in Mass Effect 2. SPOILER WARNING: This guide will contain light spoilers from the previous gam...
Optimal Mission Order
This was written by LordTrinen, but was helpful and I wanted to share for the steam community. URL: Between each mission talk to your squadmates to see if they have anything new to say. Thi...
Mass Effect 2 DLC Guide: Worth it?
by qrayx
Mass Effect 2 has quite a bit of DLC, and you may be wondering what is worth purchasing. This guide is to help you decide what you may want to drop your money on. I’ll do my best to keep this guide spoiler free....
No One Left Behind
by SilentMarine
This is how you can save every character in the "Suicide Mission" This guide by nature contains SPOILERS. Take care in reading this guide, as this could be considered meta-gaming. [url=
This is tutorial to help you get some love from Miranda in Mass Effect 2....
Полный список побочных миссий / Full list additional missions
by ™ MaximaL ™
How to import your save from Mass Effect to Mass Effect 2
Exactly what it says on the tin: Since this question comes up a lot on the forum, a quick guide on how to import your Mass Effect save game into Mass Effect 2. There are two methods, one using the config utility which is the standard way. The other ...
A Guide to Characters, Powers, Weapons, and How to Use them
This is a guide for how to use the tools availible to you ME2. I intend to Start with the various classes for Shepard, then continue on to your companions. I will include the companions in stages to minimize spoilers. I will explain different weapons and ...
Guide for New Mass Effect 2 Players
by sinewav
For players beginning their adventure at Mass Effect 2 and have never played Mass Effect 1. This guide will provide tips and spoiler-free knowledge how to have a great experience with your first playthrough of Mass Effect 2 and how to best mold your ch...