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The Delver basic guide
by Ethan
A guide to playing, modding, & winning Delver....
Level Editor Guide
by Mobyduck
An in-depth guide to help new players to use the Delver level builder that comes with the game. It contains information on how to open the Editor, how to alter currently existing levels as well as how to create new ones....
Getting Started
by Justin
I highly suggest you play a few times without reading any of this. Nothing better then jumping into a game clueless, it's fun to discover. But on to the guide, this is going to just a few basic tips and a little bit of info....
Glen Chico's Guide to (Almost) Always Winning
by Glen Chico
My guide to how I beat Delver and how you can too!...
How to survive/avoid a trap
by F | S /Tony/
You know this moment?You just got the best Stuff of the Dungeon, low on health and then BOOM:a trap is blocking your way.I got for YOU now some tips how to survive/avoid these traps. ...
Ideas for the next Update
by BenetoChromec[HUN]
My Ideas for the next update to Cuddigan ! - PvP area (multiplayer) - Monster or Mob arena - map editor ! - chest - shop for items and food - money for shop - price for items...