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The Art of Tuning (lrn2tune Tuning for Dummies!)
by Drrt4
Here I'm going to take you into an overall in-depth guide of the tuning aspect of NFS:SHIFT in order to give your car the edge it needs to beat the A.I. or your buddy online. I'm going to be going over ALL the advanced tuning sections: tires, alignment...
NFS Shift - Garage Slots
by Tex-Rec
There is no more problem with our limited number of garage slots because we toke them all in-game only with a fev cars. With this Guide i will try to show you and explain step by step, how to add manualy your favorite Cars to your garage without to take o...
How to win every race!
by Freddy Fuckboy
Step 1: Pick a RWD car Step 2: Go onto Youtube and listen to some Initial D Music while racing. Step 3: DOOORIFTOOOO! Step 4: Profit!...