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Artemis SBS Connection Guide
by Bone White
A guide with detailled instructions on how to set up games as a host, including port forwarding, and how to setup a single player environment....
Bone White's Engineering for Dummies
by Bone White
An in-depth guide to the Engineering station. It is assumed you have learned the information present in the manual....
Beginner's Guide to Artemis: Spaceship Bridge Simulator
by Justin
( 85% complete) A guide to help new players become established with the game....
Ship Identification Guide
by Corwin
This guide contains all the info of the current ships in the game. Within will be the details of all of the stats on all allied ships, enemy ships, and the Deep Space Stations. There will also be a bit of talk about general tactics and how the fleets tend...
Using LogMeIn Hamachi to play Artemis over the internet
by Miejoe
"Port forwarding is the 11th level of Hell." - Sir Darin Do you hate port forwarding, but do you want to play Artemis over the internet with your friends? Try Hamachi instead! It's much, much simpler....