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Beginner's Guide to Artemis: Spaceship Bridge Simulator
by Arrow
( 85% complete) A guide to help new players become established with the game....
Bone White's Engineering for Dummies
by Bone White
An in-depth guide to the Engineering station. It is assumed you have learned the information present in the manual....
Artemis SBS Connection Guide
by Bone White
A guide with detailled instructions on how to set up games as a host, including port forwarding, and how to setup a single player environment....
Using LogMeIn Hamachi to play Artemis over the internet
by Miejoe
"Port forwarding is the 11th level of Hell." - Sir Darin Do you hate port forwarding, but do you want to play Artemis over the internet with your friends? Try Hamachi instead! It's much, much simpler....