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How to Seth
by BFS
So you want to play S-Kill? Questionable choice, but if you're sure you want to, then here's the basics....
How to rule the world by playing DiveKick
by Lt. Crunch
This is a guide only for those desiring to be the most MLG pro and wish to play competitively. After reading this guide, you will be a DiveKick GOD....
Death from above: The divekick achievement guide
by Maximo254
This is a basic guide on how to unlock all the achievements for Divekick. Most of these are pretty simple and straight forward but non the less heres a guide to getting all of them if your having trouble....
The Jefailey Bible
by Chauvinist Pig
THIS IS THE SITUATION! This guide will teach you how to play Jefailey with massive success rates. If not, it's ok, you still made money...
The Basics to Using Mr. N
by BreadMan
At first glance, many would assume that Mr. N is the worst character in Divekick. He's fat, unassuming, doesn't dive at an angle like most other characters. I mean his freakin ground special is him running away. And his air special is to float. The only u...
Divekick: How to dominate as Markman
by [STF2] The Encryption
All the basics to the Divekick character Markman....