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Airborne! Achievement
by Nison
This guide describes how to get the Airborne! achievement easy and fast....
Poff Hopping 101
by Lord_Of_Sabers
Learn to move fast jump higher and dominate the arena with one simple trick....
The pickups(Türkçe, English)
by Nakogas
Why do people always says "noob" to players who asks something? They can easily explain anything if they know it! I made this guide for anybody who plays Epigenesis....
Epigenesis Achievement Guide
by Kwasi0069
All the achievements of Epigenesis and how to get them fast. Srry for any Translation error and format (first guide i've made so far)....
Tudo sobre Epigenesis / All about Epigenesis
by PsymoN
PT-BR: Devido ao grande numero de pessoas que não conhecem os objetivos do game e como jogar, resolvi criar este guia explicando algumas coisas basicas sobre ele. Os tipos de plantas, atributos, itens, etc. English: Due to the large number of people...