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M2H_Matt  [developer] Apr 4, 2016 @ 2:06am
Changelog - Latest: V258.5243 02-02-2017
Changelog - Latest: V258.5294
We have made adjustments to loadouts based on feedback from the community discussion:

The following loadouts have been adjusted:

  • Poilus
    • Caporal - Tier 3: M92 Mousqueton + Binocs -> M92 Mousqueton + Bayonet

    • Fusilier - Tier 2: Berthier -> Berthier + Bayonet
    • Fusilier - Tier 3: Berthier + Scope -> Lebel + Scope

    • Grenadier - Tier 1: Lebel + 2x F1 -> Lebel + 3x F1

  • Belgians
    • Korporaal Tier 2: Mauser M1889 + Binocs -> Mauser M1889 Carbine + Binocs
    • Korporaal Tier 3: Mauser M1889 + Bayonet -> Mauser M1889 + Bayonet + Binocs

    • Schildwacht Tier 2: Mauser M1889 carbine -> Mauser M1889 carbine + binocs
    • Schutter Tier 1: Mauser M1889 + Bayonet -> Mauser M1889 carbine + Bayonet

    • Renner Tier 1: Mauser M1889 carbine + bayonet -> Mauser M1889 + Bayonet
    • Renner Tier 2: Mauser M1889 carbine + scope -> Berthier 07/15 + Ruby
    • Renner Tier 3: Mauser M1889 + FN Browning -> Mauser M1889 carbine + FN Browning

  • Canadians
    • Assault Leader Tier 2: Webley + pritchard + 2x Mills -> Webley+ 2x Mills

    • Specialist Tier 1: SMLE + bayonet -> SMLE + 1x Mills
    • Specialist Tier 3: Ross + 1x Mills -> Ross + bayonet

    • Raider Tier 1: Webley + Prichard bayonet + Club -> Webley + Prichard bayonet
    • Raider Tier 2: Sawn off SMLE + 2x No.34 Egg grenade -> SMLE + 1x Mills
    • Raider Tier 3: Club + 1x Mills + 4x No.34 Egg grenade -> Club + 5x No.34 Egg grenade

  • Tommies
    • Corporal Tier 1: Webley + 1x Mills bomb -> Webley Scott + Binocs
    • Corporal Tier 1: Webley Scott + Binocs -> Webley + 1x Mills bomb

    • Rifleman Tier 1: SMLE + bayonet -> P14 + Bayonet
    • Rifleman Tier 2: SMLE + Scope -> SMLE
    • Rifleman Tier 3: P14 -> SMLE + Scope

    • Bomber Tier 3: Webley + Club + 2x Mills -> SMLE + bayonet+ club + 1x Mills

  • Chasseurs Alpins
    • Observateur Tier 1: M92 Mousqueton + Binocs -> Berthier + Binocs

    • Eclaireur Tier 2: M16 Mousqueton -> M16 Mousqueton + Bayonet

  • US Marines
    • Sergeant Tier 2: M1903 Springfield + bayonet ->
    • Sergeant Tier 3: M1911 Colt + 1x F1 -> M1903 Springfield + Binocs

    • Sapper Tier 1: M1911 Colt + 2x F1 grenades -> M1911 Colt + 3x F1 grenades
    • Sapper Tier 3: M1903 Springfield + Colt M1911 + 1x F1 -> M1903 Springfield + 2x F1

    • Specialist Tier 2: M1903 Springfield + 1x F1 grenade -> M1903 Springfield + Bayonet

    • Fire Base Tier 1: M1903 Springfield + Bayonet -> M1917 Enfield + M1911 Colt
    • Fire Base Tier 2: M1911 Colt + 1x F1 grenade -> M1918 Chauchat + M1911 Colt
    • Fire Base Tier 3: M1918 Chauchat + M1911 Colt -> M1903 Springfield + M1911 colt

  • US Doughboys
    • Corporal Tier 3: M1917 Enfield + Binocs -> M1917 Enfield + Bayonet

    • Rifleman Tier 2: M1903 Springfield + scope -> M1903 Springfield
    • Rifleman Tier 3: M1903 Springfield + bayonet -> M1903 Springfield + scope

  • Highlanders
    • NCO Tier 1: SMLE + bayonet + binocs -> Webley revolver + binocs
    • NCO Tier 3: Webley revolver + binocs -> SMLE + bayonet

    • Marksman Tier 1: SMLE -> MLE + bayonet
    • Marksman Tier 2: MLE + binocs -> SMLE

    • Observer Tier 2: Webley revolver -> Webley + Binoc

    • Scout Tier 1: SMLE + club -> MLE + bayonet
    • Scout Tier 2: SMLE + bayonet -> SMLE + club

  • Pioniers
    • Feldwebel Tier 2: G88 + Bayonet -> G98 + bayonet
    • Feldwebel Tier 3: K88 -> K88 + binocs

    • Sturmpionier Tier 1: K88 + 1x M15 grenade K98 + 2x M15 grenade
    • Sturmpionier Tier 2: K98 + 1x M17x6 bundle grenade Luger + 2x M17x6 bundle grenade
    • Sturmpionier Tier 3: Luger + 1x M17x9 bundle grenade C96 + 1x M17x9 bundle grenade

    • Flammenwerfer Tier 2: Wex + C96 K88 + bayonet
    • Flammenwerfer Tier 3: Wex + K88 Wex + C96

    • Musketier Tier : Madsen -> K98 + Luger
    • Musketier Tier : Artillery Luger -> Madsen + C96
    • Musketier Tier : K98 -> Artillery Luger

  • Stosstruppen
    • Truppfuhrer Tier 2: Luger + 2x M15 -> C96 + 2x M15

    • Sturmmann Tier 2: Spade + 5x M15 -> Spade + 5x M17
    • Sturmmann Tier 3: K98az + 2x Eierhandgranate -> K98az + 3x Eierhandgranate

    • Nahkampfer Tier 1: Luger + Spade -> Luger + Spade + 1x M15

  • Schutzen:
    • Graben Kommandant Tier 2: G88 + Binocs -> K88 + Binocs
    • Graben Kommandant Tier 3: G98 + bayonet -> G88 + bayonet + binocs

    • Schutz Tier 1: G88 + Binocs -> G88 + bayonet+ Binocs
    • Schutz Tier 2: G98 + scope -> K88 + Binocs.
    • Schutz Tier 3: K98 + scope -> G98 + Scope

    • MG-Scharfschutze Tier 2: MG08/15 + Reichsrevolver -> MG08/15 + C96
    • MG-Scharfschutze Tier 3: MG15nA + Luger -> MG15nA + Reichsrevolver

  • Landser:
    • MG-Schutze Tier 2: MG08/15 + C96 -> MG08/15 + Luger
    • MG-Schutze Tier 3: MG08/18 + Luger -> MG08/18 + C96

  • Alpenjager:
    • Oberjager Tier 1: K98az + Binocs -> Reichsrevolver + Binocs

    • Scharfschutze Tier 1: K98az -> G98 + bayonet
    • Scharfschutze Tier 2: G98 + bayonet -> K98az
    • Scharfschutze Tier 3: G98 + scope ->K98az + scope

    • Aufklarer Tier 1: K98az + bayonet -> G98 + bayonet
    • Aufklarer Tier 2: G98 + bayonet -> K98az + bayonet

    Changelog - Latest: V258.5287
    • Game now singlescreen & fullscreen-exclusivemode(This can increase performance)
    • Dont allow switching when other team is <= 2 players, now 0 difference or less
    • 'Play now' for Frontlines/Squad defence will always join or start a game, never via lobby
    • Fixed 3p weapons dissapearing too soon(increased LOD)
    • Sight Alignments

    Changelog: V258.5243
    • Fixed an issue where the damage reduction over distance would not work properly. This resulted in for example pistols being able to 1hk over long distances or other wrong damage calculations. This has now been fixed and the damage curves have been adjusted to values close to old situation based on feedback from users in opentesting.
    • Greatly increased torso area of character hitbox and thus reduced belly/stomach area
    • Ragdoll improvements
    • Fixed double gas mask, which caused too much glare
    • Joining a lobby through the friend menu will now start the correct game mode(no starting squad defence when in frontlines)
    • Improved map cycle so that A->B->A mapcycle can no longer occur
    • Fix SSAA camera leak, always wasting performance when SSAA should be off
    • Fixed sliding of feet for all lobby idles.
    • Stronger AO maps on 1p weapons
    • Anistropic filtering is now set when you change texture quality(increases texture sharpness in distance)
    • Slight LOD increase for sandbags+rubble
    • Fixed spectator admin commands in private matches
    • Adjustments to ragdoll so arms no longer curl up and fall more naturally. Also re-added a force to the ragdoll when falling down.
    • Added temprorary shootdebug function to see damage output and which limb you hit. /shootdebug on
    • MG08/15 has new firing sound as test
    • Fixed an issue where in some cases you wouldn't spawn anymore when changing settings
    • Fixed lobby characters showing wrong animation sometimes
    • Resetting account will only reset statistic related progress and will no longer reset other accounts on the same PC
    • Character no longer goes standing when stabbing crouched
    • Fixed gore detachables being in wrong position when shot
    • Fixed prone characters sometimes being upright
    • Prone characters will stick to the terrain better
    • Reduced fire death animation length
    • Fixed some sights
    • Fixed C96 jitter in animation
    • Fixed belgian hat being white in mainmenu

    OPENTESTING: Changelog - V258.5243
    • Adjusted Rifles for some more damage on long range (4.0)
    • Fixed Ragdolls spazzing out due to explosions
    • More slight ragdoll improvements
    • Fix SSAA camera leak, always wasting performance when SSAA should be off
    • Fixed sliding of feet for all lobby idles.
    • Stronger AO maps on 1p weapons
    • Anistropic filtering is now set when you change texture quality(increases texture sharpness in distance)
    • Slight LOD increase for sandbags+rubble
    • Shootdebug no longer shown off bots

    OPENTESTING: Changelog - V258.5196
    • Damage buff on long range for rifles and carbines (3.0)
    • Fixed double gas mask, which caused too much glare
    • Fixed spectator admin commands in private matches
    • Joining a lobby through the friend menu will now start the correct game mode
    • Improved ragdolls
    • Improved map cycle so that A->B->A mapcycle can no longer occur
    • Fixed stumps not being visisble

    OPENTESTING: Changelog - V258.5159
    • Adjustments to ragdoll so arms no longer curl up and fall more naturally. Also added a force to the ragdoll when falling down but this might be too big atm.
    • Greatly increased torso area of character hitbox and thus reduced belly/stomach area
    • Adjusted weapon damage profiles after the damage fix: (2.0)
      - Rifles now almost always 1hk, carbines a bit less
      - MG a bit more 2hk
      - Slight buff to pistol torso hit damage
    • Added temprorary shootdebug function to see damage output and which limb you hit. /shootdebug on
    • MG08/15 has new firing sound as test

    OPENTESTING: Changelog - V258.5137
    • Fixed an issue where the damage reduction over distance would not work properly. This resulted in for example pistols being able to 1hk over long distances or other wrong damage calculations. Now the actual damage curve is properly being used. This fix however affects all weapons and might result in some different, not bugged, damage behavior. (1.0)
    • Fixed an issue where in some cases you wouldn't spawn anymore when changing settings
    • Fixed lobby characters showing wrong animation sometimes
    • Resetting account will only reset statistic related progress and will no longer reset other accounts on the same PC
    • Character no longer goes standing when stabbing crouched
    • Fixed gore detachables being in wrong position when shot
    • Fixed prone characters sometimes being upright
    • Prone characters will stick to the terrain better
    • Reduced fire death animation length
    • Fixed sights for: P14, P17 and Ross
    • Fixed C96 jitter in animation
    • Fixed belgian hat being white in mainmenu

    V258.5114 19-01-2017
    • Fixed missing tags and minimap icons for teammates in Attrition
    • Fixed RDM&TDM weapon item selection every match
    • Message that tells you how many squad members can spawn on you is now working again

    V258.5102 19-01-2017
    • Updated to Unity 5.5 (Most noticable: improved distance shadows)
    • New lobby character animations
    • Updated Bolting animations and other updated first person animations
    • Fixed sights not lining up on some weapons(Ross,P14,P17 and many more)
    • Reduced animation compression to reduce choppymovements
    • Updated networkversion
    • Mac and Linux now always use OpenGLCore (OpenGL2 and Metal removed)
    • Fixed main menu buttons getting stuck after joining a lobby
    • Fixed an issue where the Squad Defence scoreboard became empty after switching squad type
    • You will no longer lose all co-op xp when a part of the save data got corrupted
    • Gore fixes: Bloodspray and brains no longer hovers mid-air
    • Squad defence scoreboard now uses higher res role icon
    • Adjusted Squad lobby camera so squadname doesn't go over character heads

    V256.4921 11-01-2017
    • Added Highlanders squad
    • Added new weapon: Pattern 1914 Enfield
    • After action report for RDM and Attrition will no longer show a blank screen

    V256.4916 05-01-2017
    • Added /ban option for private matches.
    • Grenade throwing slighty more accurate
    • Internal restructuring of systems
    • Changed asset formatting for faster build times and reducing build size (-100mb atm)
    • Upgraded to Unity 5.4.3p4

    V256.4847 16-12-2016
    • Stuck soccerball fix

    V256.4836 16-12-2016
    • Fixed connect issues when players are ping-closest to canada or usw (or any other disabled region). This fixes new players seeing 0 players.
    • NPC's now also get snow on their uniforms
    • Fixed double artillery ability that could occur after NCO role switch in squad

    V256.4822 15-12-2016
    • Reduced game size
    • Sprinting animation when sidestrafing is fixed
    • Mainmenu timer should now always work
    • Fixed materials leaking
    • More Christmas Truce preparations

    V256.4802 14-12-2016
    • Map in main menu can now show the remaining round time of Frontline games
    • Possible fix for weird characters on mac
    • Christmas Truce preparations
    • Gore gibs now spawn on better positions

    V255.4768 9-12-2016
    • Fix for grainy mac terrain, this does re-introduce the missing body parts on some macs. We are working on a fix for that aswell
    • Added error when not booting from Steam
    • Fixed exceptions
    • Improved death particles
    • No weapon draw animation when spawning;
    • No crosshairs when putting on or taking off gasmask
    • Fixed an issue where you would sometimes spawn with the incorrect uniform upgrade
    • RDM/Attrition rooms are created with correct size and no longer allow players to join when full
    • Fixed gore settings not being set properly, improved death anim, cleanup
    • Prone closer to the ground
    • When following minimap and attack/defend wave timer now matches that of followed player when spectating

    V255.4725 6-12-2016
    • Fixed fog rendering before foliage on lower settings
    • The after action report can now be closed, so you can see the chat better
    • Fixed Mainmenu overly bloomed/flickering
    • The reconnect button in the main menu while in offline mode is now working again
    • Bots don't continuously run into targets when trying to melee
    • Optimised motion blur performance
    • Fixed slime on uniforms
    • Putting on gasmask while sighted will now first unsight before putting on the mask
    • Scope graphics issue fixed
    • Fixed an issue where the ID of friends was sometimes showed instead of their name
    • Sprint to prone is now quicker, matching walk to prone
    • Error fixes

    V255.4700 2-12-2016
    • Return of Ambient Occlusion and Motionblur Post FX!
    • Multiple accounts on the same pc no longer touch each others save data
    • Fixed an issue where you could unlock an attachment without unlocking the attachment before it
    • Spectator mode: You'll no longer see the tag of the player you're following on the screen;
    • Spectator mode: Tags won't be removed forever when you watch someone die;
    • Spectators won't see the Squad and Career tab in the after action report anymore, since they were empty
    • Greatly reduced spikes when opening scoreboard
    • Prevents incorrect scoreboard placement
    • Opening the options screen ingame is now 10 times faster
    • Less shiny terrain Artois on steep hills
    • Reduced smoothness on some trench assets(showing blue hue due to reflection)
    • Fixed scope bug that was introduced yesterday

    V255.4680 1-12-2016
    • Added distance check to contested sector when attempting to spawn on other players. If normal spawn is closer, choose that instead(no more spawning on snipers)
    • Squad Experience menu will now be updated properly
    • MG0815 is visible again
    • Improved the counter for matches played with the same friend
    • Scoreboard won't keep scrolling to the top when opened(32+ players)
    • Weird layout on the scoreboard shouldn't happen anymore
    • You can now see and hear the impact of melee weapons of other players against objects
    • You will no longer get stuck in the loading screen when level data is corrupted

    V255.4642 29-11-2016
    • Upgraded Unity engine to Unity 5.4. This should give better performance and allows us for new techniques released in 5.4, for more info see:
    • Improvements to ragdolls
    • Fix for grayscale effect turning on/off when getting shot while deserting (grayscale now takes priority over shock effect)
    • Fixed skipping weapon recharge by swapping weapons
    • More prone sprint teleport prevention
    • Instant target field of view setting when switching between players
    • Weapon swap anim when putting on/taking off gasmask fixed
    • Fixed issue where sector capture HUD would not show correct info (progress & amount of players) when spectating
    • Fixed super fast crawl animation when sprinting and jumping after being prone
    • Room size can now be set by admins in a private match

    V255.4560 22-11-2016
    • Infinite reload animation fix
    • Out of bounds effect no longer flashes
    • Squad Defence 'no hostility' message now remains on screen
    • Ceiling/obstacle check when climbing ladders
    • Fixed error when throwing grenades
    • Squad Defence: You can now switch faction before the start of the first wave;
    • Squad Defence: Made sure you can no longer change squad type after playing one wave
    • Squad Defence: Joining a game that has just finished will now show the after action report
    • Fixed Weapon stat unlock state not showing up properly for weapons without an upgrade
    • Fixed attachment count not being shown correctly in account/weapons
    • Improved loading sequence
    • Fixed walking animation sometimes not playing when just started spectating someone
    • Fixed WEX and melee weapons sometimes not appearing when just started spectating someone
    • No crawling body when dying in desertion sometimes
    • Fixed exceptions
    • We updated to a new network version so it might take a while to see everyone who updated in this new version

    V254.4512 17-11-2016
    • Spectate fix when first or last player is dead
    • Fixed issue where 1p weapon offset or movement state would not be updated on deployable MG(Machine Sight Bug)
    • Fixed 3p rotation sometimes not matching up with 1p rotation when prone
    • Fixed characters sometimes running backwards
    • Fixed end game camera animation 3P weapon being invisible
    • Fixed sandbag halfwall not using proper LOD mesh so it would give a different texture color on lod stage causing popping
    • Fixed incorrect layout Squad Defence scoreboard after changing role;
    • Fixed incorrect layout scoreboard during after action report;
    • Ragdolls no longer fall through certain objects like duckboards, wattle and some trenchwalls.
    • Fixed issue where movement was unlocked too early when undeploying MG resulting in a jump in position
    • Added SetRoomSize developer command so you can increase the limit of players in a match
    • Fixed T-posing characters

    V254.4478 15-11-2016

    V254.4434 11-11-2016
    • Smoother movement for remote players by NOT throwing away network sync info every respawn
    • Tags no longer appear over scope
    • Added "easter egg"
    • Sun flare fade speed increased
    • Reduced memory usage
    • Made armistice appear only once per session
    • Fixed some errors and removed some logging

    V254.4405 08-11-2016
      Multiple smaller updates have been released and still might be released. They contain no game changing stuff just more logging of information for us to fix problems like Invincible players. A summary of the recent updates is as followed:
    • Fixed an issue where typing in chat while deployed was moving player
    • Wave timer reset from instant wave success fix commit happened to early and caused instant map lose whoops
    • Specular now also applied in the distance for character to avoid popping of shiny materials
    • Fixed blood on character being saved on the mesh, putting it on everyone with that mesh
    • Disabled showing click to join text in scoreboard for spectator mode
    • Fixed outlines in spectator mode
    • Fixed bug with missing grenade animations after restock in botdefence
    • Fixed an issue where putting on or taking off gasmask animations did not play when moving while prone
    • Fixed an issue where squads in the squad browser would be off-screen
    • Squad pawns on the main menu map are now correctly removed when the squad doesn't exist anymore
    • Fixed bug with 1p animations messing up after using the botdefence ammocrate
    • Ragdolls no longer fall through certain objects(bunkers, corrugated, etc)
    • Fixed an issue where all on-screen tags (ammo crates, squadmates etc) were sometimes disabled in Squad Defense
    • RDM reenabled the selection of a map when there are no RDM matches
    • Bots now put on their gasmask a bit more random so also Whitecross can kill them
    • Fixed squad status in HUD sometimes missing players
    • Fixed aura state in squad status in HUD sometimes being incorrect
    • Spectator mode will now show the aura of the NCO whose squad you're watching
    • Fixed an issue where players joining a match that had ended did not receive awarded medal information;

    V254.4318 01-11-2016
    • Fixed weird animation jump when undeploying;
    • Fixed no mg deployment widget when jumping
    • Error fixes

    V254.4297 31-10-2016
    • Added a spooky mainmenu!
    • Fixed some ragdoll behavior
    • Fixed Authentication error

    V254.4289 31-10-2016
    • Fixed an issue where enemies in Squad Defense were sometimes not on the same position for all players ("Invisible bots")
    • Fixed an issue in rifle deathmatch where quit game button does nothing
    • Relaxed the forced disconnect timeout
    • Gore limbs stay less long
    • Limb colliders are a bit smoother
    • Squad status HUD now also hidden on deathcam & default/map camera (when no one else available to spectate);
    • HUD elements now properly hidden on spectated player disconnect
    • Fixed a bug where issued command marker persists after switching to another squad
    • Fixed an issue where players are unable to respawn after multiple MC switches between the same group of people
    • Fixed an issue where NCO players receive messages about leaving the NCO command range
    • Fixed floating characters
    • Slight ragdoll improvement
    • Optimized gib physics

    V254.4218 25-10-2016
    • Reverted: 'Stance won't change in the air' + 'Releasing sprint midair will still use the same amount of stamina'
    • Releasing sprint midair will still use the same amount of stamina (different implementation, sprint animation stops playing again on release)
    • Third Person animation for sighting pistol while standing is now faster, so its speed is more like the 1p animation
    • Deathcam no longer spins around when looking straight down
    • Fixed squad vote initiator name always being that of yourself
    • Removed minimap shadow casting to improve performance slightly
    • Explosions no longer light up minimap outlines
    • Increased distance where quality level of character would change
    • Fixed some weighting errors on the characters
    • Fixed deaths always being 10 secs, and not being pushed back.
    • Fixed issue where spectated player is holding duplicate or wrong weapon;
    • Fixed instant stance change animation of spectated player
    • Fixed putting on gasmask animation not playing when spectating player
    • Fixed faction switch request popup appearing for match spectators
    • Fixed minor animation bug when command menu closes while a ability is being selected
    • Typo fixes

    V254.4193 20-10-2016
    • Fixed unsighting binoculars immediately after sighting them resulting in a bug
    • Shortening the reload by using melee won't refill your loaded ammo faster than a regular reload
    • Fixed instant Squad Defence wave success when everyone is dead when wave starts
    • Bolting will cancel when switching stance to/from prone
    • Stance won't change in the air
    • Releasing sprint midair will still use the same amount of stamina
    • Minimap hidden on deathcam (not for match spectators)
    • active abilities & cooldowns of spectated player are now visible to match spectators
    • Fixed maps being extra dark due to object not receiving any ambient

    V254.4173 19-10-2016
    • Overhauled character system for better performance and less lagspikes.
    • Blood works on characters again
    • Vote status info displayed in correct language for user
    • Fixed not being able to open game menu in Attrition & RDM spectator mode
    • Fixed previous attachment not being attached eventhough it was selected
    • Improved spectator menu
    • Unlimited squad name length is no longer possible
    • Checked all colliders for the levelprefabs of Douaumont(prevent going in walls)
    • Fixed spawn time in extreme rare cases being really big
    • Fixed 'teleport' aka double respawn after squad change
    • Selecting the Japanese servers will now correctly use the Japanese servers instead of the European servers
    • Super fast weapon swap no longer possible (maybe fixes double weapon when spectating)
    • Fixed ammo refill on weapon swap
    • No more deployment through walls
    • Rotating through walls after deployment will happen less often
    • M17 gasmask slight cleanup
    • No instant ADS when spamming aim
    • Weapon rebolt animation no longer interrupted by ADS
    • When out of bounds it now correctly checks if you are actually out of bounds before killing

    V254.4011 06-10-2016
    • Fixed Squad defence not spawning bots
    • Fix Attrition bug where last player left doesnt trigger end of game
    • Different Map onserver fixes
    • Scoreboard now properly sorts negative scores
    • Fixed some medals not working and shots/hits not registering

    V254.3980 28-09-2016
    • Fixed an issue where gas wouldn't kill anymore
    • Bots are now again affected by gas

    V254.3972 28-09-2016
    • Fixed projectiles sometimes not exploding/NCO abilities not being called in
    • No longer display 0 players in loading screen
    • Possible fix for map mismatch ("Map is different on server (9_Aisne)/(5_Picardie)")
    • Fixed delay in 3p stand to prone animation relative to 1p to improve getting shot while already in cover
    • When creating a squad you now can join full matches again instead of starting your own
    • Implemented measure to prevent possible disconnects
    • You now will be informed when you try to friend join someone in different server region
    • Trenchclub & shovel kills show up as bash instead of stab

    V254.3945 26-09-2016
    • Bots no longer stop spawning after master client switch during wave
    • Bots no longer freeze after master client switch
    • Bots now behave normally when going down slopes and no longer warp

    V254.3921 23-09-2016
    • Error fix with gas
    • Fixed upwards teleporting on some spots
    • Fixed Call-in Telephone message and ammo box message to no longer persist after dying/role switching
    • Squad defence bots no longer blocked
    • Fixed progress bar for squad xp in HUD

    V253.3908 22-09-2016
    • Hotfix for MG not deploying in Squad Defence

    V253.3898 22-09-2016
    • Fixes in joining friends through Steam friends/invites
    • Anti cheating measurements
    • Reduced errors

    V253.3896 21-09-2016
    • Changes to loading sequence to prevent verify cache issues and possibly black blocky trees.

    V253.3893 19-09-2016
    • Added South America server region
    • WEX: fixed direct damage not applied when more than 3m away
    • WEX: flames on ground will start hurting enemy players quicker
    • WEX: no more damage applied when trying to shoot through walls
    • Sharpen effect no longer requires you to open options screen
    • Improved switching to next level so it does not kick you when loading
    • Fixed chat messages not sending when pressing enter
    • Possible fix for missing artillery audio

    V253.3871 14-09-2016
    • No more stabbing/melee through objects
    • Improved the colliders (hitboxes) on the players
    • Disabled collisions on the ragdoll joints
    • Added an anti cheat measurement
    • AFK kick properly kicks after new map loads
    • Fixed head gore
    • Minor mainmenu performance improvement

    V253.3846 13-09-2016
    • Rebuilded all the assets to possibly prevent corrupt assets which cause 'Verify' issues
    • Fix mainmenu helmet leak & changing section for a squadpawn on the map
    • Reduced Audio CPU performance on Artillery projectiles

    V253.3830 06-09-2016
    • 5 Squads fix
    • Animation error fix

    V253.3779 05-09-2016
    • Increased maximum firing range
    • Potential loss of audio fix
    • Error 1041 no longer displays
    • Animation error fix
    • Fix case where from a squad of 4 from mainmenu lobby only 1 succeeds to get in game (only happenned when that squad is 4th from DE or FR side)
    • Fixed certain reservated slots never timing out
    • Fixed squad not disappearing if empty (when last reservation was removed)
    • Botcontroller: prevent infinite errors when bot is stuck

    V253.3743 02-09-2016
    • Stricter LOD culling
    • Shadow disabled on some objects on medium quality settings.
    • Fixed nullreference in Sectors
    • Possible black blocky tree fix: Part 2
    • Fixed lights on weapon lamp
    • Disable 3p shadow casting equipment on low/medium
    • Possible black blocky tree fix
    • Minimap optimisation
    • Weapon sun optimisation
    • Minimap will now rotate correctly when deployed

    V253.3587 8-8-2016
    • Updated Unity version to 5.3.6p2
    • Fixed incorrect abilities when squad level lowers
    • Removed -affe from badwordfilter
    • Fixed syncing of projectiles
    • Updated networking library

    V253.3509 29-7-2016
    • Added more words to naughty words list
    • Redid game loading mechanics
    • Squad reinforcement spawn message will not be shown when no spawn points nearby
    • Fixes to joining full TDM/RDM games
    • Fix to Squad Defense Play Now button
    • Fixed 3p weapons being invisible
    • RDM and Attrition should now properly have default unlock available
    • Fixed floating objects on lower settings
    • Fixed only showing skybox at the end match screen
    • Fixed body fall audio clips
    • Fixed stumps not working
    • Limbs and gore particles spawn on better positions
    • Added small variants for role icons so it shows less crispy
    • Ensured 3p weapon is visible during endgame
    • Added physic material to terrains so ragdolls don't slide over the terrain as if it were ice
    • Highered BAR sight so it aligns in middle
    • Fixed Marine NCO stripes
    • Prevented deploying through a Hill 60 bunker
    • Optimised MainMenu performance
    • Fixed teleport spot in Artois
    • Optimised blood on uniform rendering
    • Fixed grenade and artillery stats
    • SSAA no longer leaks memory
    • Small physics optimisation
    • Fixed head transform being incorrect
    • Fixed deathcam clipping through objects
    • Fixed popup for player switching being too low
    • You no longer can desert when the game has ended.

    V253.3297 21-6-2016
    • Fixed bug that caused teleporting when sprinting, jumping and landing from prone stance
    • Fixed tooltip playerinfo not hiding correctly
    • Fixed headshot statistics on scoreboard in Squad Defence
    • Fixed instance of barbed wire colliding with bullets
    • Fixed the incorrect 'Play on this map' bug
    • Fixed ghost when switching team in TDM
    • Decreased tree climbability
    • Spectator camera will not collide with gas cloud
    • Fixed stuck in zoom mode while deploying deployable MG and holding breath button

    V253.3286 17-6-2016
    • When firing you will now see a muzzleflash. Explosions also have lightning and trenchlamps have been enabled again(only in Deferred+high Ambient quality)
    • Fixed AFK kick not triggering on players who idle since joining a game / get carried over to next match
    • Fixed floating hands, mostly. It occurs lot less than before.
    • Fixed registering timeplayed per weapons causing errors and other issues
    • Fixed floating equipment when loading from a slow hdd
    • Kills with bash will now count as melee kill
    • Fixed ammo crates floating on lower quality settings
    • Fixed Squad Defence ammo crates on Artois
    • Fixed friendly fire for use in private matches
    • Game no longer can show a sphere in middle of the screen on start of match
    • Fix for tournament crashes
    • Getting upgraded ability won't reset cooldown time
    • Fixed haystack colliding with bullets
    • Fix flamethrower effects visible after toggling gas mask

    V253.3273 15-6-2016
    • Fixed spectators not being able to join scheduled matches
    • Fixed an error when spectating a game without players
    • Fixed Early Access medal, should now be properly awarded for some
    • Fixed game not registering when near order
    • Ladders work again, no longer block bullets
    • Performance optimisations in physics and object rendering
    • Artois Fog matches sky again
    • Changed spectator mode help text

    V253.3262 10-6-2016
    • Lots of fixes in scheduled matches
    • Added rotation on X axis for spectator cam
    • Fixed spawning mechanics new squads + fixed spawn warning count

    V253.3259 10-6-2016
    • Fixed registration of time played with weapons/squads
    • Fixed projectiles going through Douamont roof
    • Fixed private matches not working

    V253.3251 9-6-2016
    • Scheduled matches fixes

    V253.3242 2-6-2016
    • You can now kick spectators
    • Scheduled matches now have a break between games, and a 20 min start delay
    • Some potential error fixes for spectator mode

    V253.3240 1-6-2016
    • Added spectator mode: You can now spectate public and private matches. You can switch between free camera and player perspective
    • Voice chat of muter players is now also ignored
    • Reduced some memory usage

    V253.3224 24-5-2016
    • Improved our clustering system which could give better performance on certain PC's
    • Reduced game size from 12GB to 4GB
    • Optimised assets
    • Fixed a bug in Douaumont where some objects had no colission
    • Refactored chat commands, /help now accurately shows all available commands
    • Occlusion culling is now off per default
    • Squad names now based on historical units
    • Fixed fog on water
    • Fixed ghost equipment hanging around on the map
    • Fixed some objects where you could shoot through
    • Linked shadow cascades to shadow distance instead of quality
    • Countered walking on haystacks
    • No more white stones in Flanders
    • Adjusted Flanders terrain a bit
    • Memory reductions
    • Fixed Disabled NCO ability
    • Networking preperations for spectator mode

    V252.3132 03-5-2016
    • Fixed some mouse settings not being set properly.
    • Fixed spectate flicker when there is only one player to spectate
    • Q while chatting no longer opens NCO menu
    • Fixed attack/defend messages
    • Fixed an error with gore
    • Possible no spawn fix when joining a match

    V252.3121 02-5-2016
    • Fixed 'Hardened Defender' not giving points when repulsing enemy
    • Callin telephone is now binded to Use key
    • Updated localisation
    • You can no longer switch roles in squad defence during waves with a popup
    • Updated to Unity 5.3.4p5

    V252.3118 28-4-2016
    • Fixed floating arms above a character
    • Fixed character being stuck after cooking grenade too long
    • Fixed tags being highlighted when they should not
    • Fixed some settings not staying(Invert mouse)

    V252.3108 25-4-2016
    • Playertags now dissapear when player is death
    • Fixed problems that the camera would spectate players after the game has ended.
    • Minor performance gain
    • Tweaked death so ragdolls no longer collide
    • Fixed shaders so that objects now have detail normal maps again(low quality textures)
    • Possible shader crash fix

    V252.3098 14-4-2016
    • Fixed flickering when starting to spectate
    • Fixed other players making the current player spectate
    • Fixed hands sticking forward on spawn
    • Fixed melee weapons not showing in spectate
    • Fixed spectating a binocular
    • Fixed issue where spectating would go wrong if person disconnected

    V252.3083 11-4-2016
    • Fixed limbs not staying long on Ultra
    • Fixed Bot 43 joining your squad in Squad defence private match preventing you to switch squad type
    • Fixed various grenade issues, cooking now works again as it should.(requires everyone to be up to date so might still fail in coming days)

    V252.3074 7-4-2016
    • Fixed player rotation not properly updating(Fixed weird grenade throwing)
    • Gore/burn shader fixes
    • Picardie also available in Squad Defence
    • Reduced memory usage

    V252.3064 5-4-2016
    • Fixed white assets on Dx9(Helmets in menu still white)
    • Squad Defence medals are now actually rewarded

    V252.3062 5-4-2016
    • Improved visibility of burn gore
    • Spectating should cycle through all players better

    V252.3059 4-4-2016
    • Level 100 achievement will now also check if you open account screen to fix missing achievement
    • Increased death animation length on ultra
    • Fixed total unlockable attachments not properly counting. Career points will be adjusted accordingly
    • Increased grenade throwing ranges
    • Fixed grenades rotating weirdly
    • Localisation missing fixed
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