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BLOOD DRAGON Anfänger-Guide
by ♠ Sa!nt on Trip ♠
EIn kleines Handbuch für alle zukünftigen Drachenjäger....
Coordinates for TV Sets, VHS Tapes and Dr. Carlyle's Notes.
by angrykenji
Locations of all collectibles on the island. Yes, you can get a map that shows the locations...after you freed all the garrisons. Instead of wasting your upgrade money on maps, use the coordinates to grab them whenever and enjoy your unlockables! If t...
The easy way to perfect settings on Nvidia cards
by ReBoot
I can't believe, this is a secret. But since it is, I'll disclose it for you!...
The failsafe guide to the CD key
by ReBoot
Uplay isn't scary...
How to kick ass in Far Cry 3 Blood Dargon
by King Nathaniel Price Burnwood
Step One : Raid every garrison after playing the first missions Step Two: save up on your money Step Three: if you find a gun thats suits make that shit pimping Step Four: KILLSTAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (( aka profit ))...