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Стратегии в Planetary Annihilation
by AgentHomyakBrony
Сегодня я расскажу вам об основных тактиках, выделенных мною за время игры в Planetary Annihilation....
Having trouble getting started on Planetary Annihilation?
by hartmde
A brief guide starting out on Planetary Annihilation. Video goes over basic HUD, gameplay, units, economy, and general strategies......
Achievement guide/Руководство по достижениям (WIP)
by lentinant
This guide will describe every achievement, along with hints, how to obtain it. If you notice any incorrect information, please, describe it in comments. If you like this guide, please, like and rate. Это руководст...
[OUTDATED!] A Guide to Every Unit in PA
by [RLM] Stuart98
A guide to the uses of every unit in Planetary Annihilation. Updated whenever a new balance patch comes out....
by Heidi
An in-depth TUTORIAL to Planet Smashing using Halleys on Planetary Annihilation. I noticed the only other guide was a "letsplay" and people wanted a real tutorial. So here it is! Direct link here:
Modding, PA, and YOU
by [RLM] Darksteel
Many people who own PA don't know that there are MANY mods for Planetary Annihilation, availible for easy download with no installation required. This guide will explain the differences between the two different kinds of mods, and how to get both. No Uber...
I'm New to Planetary Annihilation, Where do I Start?
by brianpurkiss
This guide teaches the basics of playing Planetary Annihilation....
The Foundations of Good Play
by Quitch
This guide will focus on some good ground rules for playing Planetary Annihilation, the mistakes new players typically make and how to avoid them. At the end we will put these lessons into action against the AI....
User Interface
by Quitch
This guide will walk you through the in-game interface, what it all means and how you can customise it. The focus will very much be on elements unique to Planetary Annihilation....
Обзор юнитов, их применения и комбинаций
by ZeroMicrow
Устаревшая версия гайда....