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Multiplayer games with friends and non-friends
by ­class101
This guide demonstrate how to open a Godus lobby and how anyone on Steam can join it. This guide is designed for Early Access so it may changes in the futur ...
101 - Help Guide for Beginners
by ProBus
A basic guide to help new players get into the game. In English and German....
Changing Values in the code of Godus (no longer updated)
by SheepyxP
This guide is temporarily no longer being updated. This guide will help you fix 'things' you don't like about Godus. For example, you don't like the fact that the 4th settlement costs 50 gems, and is not using the belief currency, then this guide will ...
[Hacking/Savegame editing] Adding resource cards/stickers
by ShaTiK
A quite simple guide to add yourself some stickers so your could finally try out all of the features that currently present in the game. This guide was written for version 2.0.1, but most likely will work on future versions as well...
[архив] для истории - версия 1.3.1
by Alexander_Ilyin
Группа Руководство для версии 2.0
Godus Beta Known Bugs (and how to avoid / remedy them)
by Harry
This guide will maintain a list of bugs -- past and present -- so that players may know what does or does not need reporting on the discussion board as a bug. It will also offer, where possible, strategies players may use to avoid or remedy the effects...
Helpful Things I've Learned
by xxIke
Spoilers!! Discovering how to do things is part of the fun of this game but if you'd like a few pointers here's what I've noticed so far....
Easteregg - Giant Head
by NLBladeNL
Link to the video/easteregg and where to find it: ------------------------------------------------------------ While playing Godus we saw that people weren't building houses on a certain spot, even though ...
How to WRECK the Astari and get 100s of Gems!
by 321Leviathan
How to defeat the Astari and get a ton of Gems!...
GODUS: Destroying The Astari
by TheCrownedIgnition
For those who want to deal with the Astari as quickly as possible. This will teach you how to use the Astari's own culture against them and will deal the ultimate blow....