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Gone Home Journals and "Collectables" Guide
by [GWJ] Xeknos
This guide points out the locations of Sam's journal entries, the locations of the buttons and cassette tapes/cases, and a few easter eggs. It isn't intended to be used as a first-time walkthrough, but is instead intended as a completion checklist for tho...
Gone Home: For both the player, and the characters. Read this, before buying, then decide.
by Icarius Fallen
My own personal, spoiler-free review of the game, and some insight that may help you decide, should you spend the money?...
A Pop Culture Tour of the 90's
by Wrenchfarm
A personal tour of the disposable, yet revered, 90's pop culture in Gone Home . Perhaps the least useful guide posted on Steam....
Walktrough and Combinations for locked things
by Ov3RT4K3R
This walkthrough will guide you through the house in order to see the ending. Combinations for locked things...
How to play Gone Home
by henrywiddas
This is a simple guide that will include tips on how to enjoy the game and some pointers on how to drive the story on (I got stuck a couple of times just by not locating a certain item). I'll also include a conclusion section that will be filled with spo...