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Gone Home: For both the player, and the characters. Read this, before buying, then decide.
by Icarius Fallen
My own personal, spoiler-free review of the game, and some insight that may help you decide, should you spend the money?...
Gone Home Journals and "Collectables" Guide
by [GWJ] Xeknos
This guide points out the locations of Sam's journal entries, the locations of the buttons and cassette tapes/cases, and a few easter eggs. It isn't intended to be used as a first-time walkthrough, but is instead intended as a completion checklist for tho...
How to play Gone Home
by henrywiddas
This is a simple guide that will include tips on how to enjoy the game and some pointers on how to drive the story on (I got stuck a couple of times just by not locating a certain item). I'll also include a conclusion section that will be filled with spo...