Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Beta
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How to Troll like a true Pirate! YARGGHHHH!
by Caine
Avast ye' scurvy sea dogs! Be ye' desiring to cause a mass mutiny against the masses in yer' server? Then look no further, here be Captain Flint's guide to bein' a dastardly piratin' troll!...
The Ninja Way: Waging Psychological War
by Tirk
A guide for those who embrace precision, speed, and stylish black clothing over brute force and fake bronze abs....
How to defeat the pirate scum.
by =(e)= Lemonater47
Those pirates rule LTS. Well not anymore. There is still one crazy tactic that somehow works but no one tries....
Spartan class guide for newcomers
by Earl Caveman of right behind u
This guide will be about the spartan class overview which weapon he has and how to use them....
Team Fights and how you should do it
by Durska
Greetings brave Warrior !! I see you are new in this Fight. First let me explain something to you. (My Native language is German so sorry for some grammar mistakes ) ...
Guide to Pirate vs Each of the classes.
by Tenshou
This guide will explain how to deal with the classes of Deadliest warrior....
How to beat the shields in chivalry
by Podger
note, i did not come up with this idea originaly but i have found ways to overcome the shield user, all methods recorded here i have seen them used by players in the game, i will also give credit towards them...
The Chivalry : Deadliest Warrior guide to completely skilled FFA
by =SM= Sonne
Today, my not-so-manly samurai friends, you will learn the true ways of FFA and the vikings....