FINAL FANTASY® XI: Ultimate Collection Seekers Edition NA
GenericRadicalUsername Jan 16 @ 11:36pm
Code clarification
Hey Guys. So, I currently have the previous non seekers collection on my account. I'm wondering if i purchase this bundle, do I get a completely new set of keys, as in FF11 Vanilia, zilart, CoP, etc. Or, do I just get the keys I wouldn't have connected to the steam account already, ie seekers.

So, could I keep the seekers key for myself and give away the vanilla through abyessas keys? Not what I'm doing mind, just need some clarification on if i get a fresh set of keys.
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GenericRadicalUsername Jan 16 @ 11:42pm 
Or, If it gives out a single key for the entire bundle, is it seperate from my FFXI on my steam account. So, say I buy it on my steam account then could I give that code to someone else?
Fentus Jan 17 @ 12:30am 
1 key for the game + all the expansions and it is only 1 time use. The key can be applied to any account even if you have everything unlocked already. Keys do not auto apply to steam you must use all keys on their site / account system. Yes you can buy it on steam and then give out the code.
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