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ripper81 2012年12月10日下午1:09
Issue Report: KDE Integration
It looks like there is no KDE Integration for steam. The windowmanagement buttons dont work correctly. And there is no systemtray Icon for steam.
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ancow 2012年12月10日下午2:43 
If you install libappindicator1, there is an icon in the systray - it just isn't the steam icon (at least not here).
Kokoro 2012年12月10日下午2:48 
+1, hope they add soon, as I just migrated to KDE.
X'grnsxs 2012年12月10日下午3:02 
I use Kubuntu 12.04 LTE, which uses KDE as Desktop and there is a icon in the system Tray. Maybe your Problem is not a KDE issue?

Maybe you could give some more details?
obedlink 2012年12月10日下午3:05 
yes, KDE is better for Steam and yes, steam need KDE integration.
in KDE have a bug with the mouse pointer.
Kokoro 2012年12月10日下午3:11 
I use Kubuntu too, and the window managing buttons doesn't appear on the normal task manager, only on Icon-only Task manager widget. There isn't a system tray icon too. But the mouse pointer bug doesn't happen with me.
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SteelR 2012年12月10日下午4:21 
Sage 2012年12月10日下午7:23 
There's no systray icon on Unity either.
ripper81 2012年12月11日上午10:40 
I'm using Kubuntu 12.10 with the latest KDE SC available (4.9.4). I also have this ugly looking mouse pointer, but the client and the two games i have installed (TF2 and Serious Sam perfroming very well in my opinion.
Within Unity you can use the Steam Button in the menubar as a tray icon.
zDebel 2012年12月11日上午10:56 
Fedora 17 x64 here, KDE obviously, no mouse pointer issue, although there is no tray icon (I think valve didn't use any universal lib for this, only unity specific one), shouln't be a big problem to fix :)
mruuh 2012年12月11日下午1:48 
Are there even any "universal" libs for this? I know GTK and Qt each have their own implementations of systray items, each talking directly to X, but I don't think Steam guys want to start linking to either of these widget toolkit libraries.
Libappindicator seems like a good solution (use unity's app indicator stuff, fallback to generic systray if unity is not present), unless it is too large or has too many unneeded dependencies.
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RobbieThe1st [Linux] 2012年12月11日下午7:58 
I too vote for this problem - I don't see why Steam shouldn't use the Qt method, considering it's built on Qt anyway.
Cybertao 2012年12月11日下午8:33 
引用自 mruuh
Are there even any "universal" libs for this?
Yeah, Unity.
ronnoc 2012年12月11日下午9:59 
Yes, we need better KDE support. So this is my +1.
RussianNeuroMancer 2012年12月12日上午6:05 
Example of problems with KDE integration besides tray icon:
c3141st 2012年12月12日上午6:38 
+1 for KDE support.
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