wxteleki 18 juil 2013 à 23h08
Hi! Any advice for 3-19 achievement of only powerups?
I tried a few combinations but 2 steaks is the best i earned. The last flood of Todds always destroyes a steak.
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RhodesianScout 20 juil 2013 à 10h35 
Explody barrel; lots of them! I did it after completing the game so I had the maximum 9 cards allowed. 7 explody barrels and then 2 hot rock cards.
wxteleki 20 juil 2013 à 11h44 
Tx for answering!
I used your advice, but w/ only barrels and did good. Thanks!
YOUR MOM IS FREE TO PLAY 5 août 2013 à 13h23 
You shouldn't have to use any powerups on the first wave of dinos. So just collect coconuts.

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