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wxteleki 2013年7月18日 23時08分
Hi! Any advice for 3-19 achievement of only powerups?
I tried a few combinations but 2 steaks is the best i earned. The last flood of Todds always destroyes a steak.
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RhodesianScout 2013年7月20日 10時35分 
Explody barrel; lots of them! I did it after completing the game so I had the maximum 9 cards allowed. 7 explody barrels and then 2 hot rock cards.
wxteleki 2013年7月20日 11時44分 
Tx for answering!
I used your advice, but w/ only barrels and did good. Thanks!
YOUR MOM IS FREE TO PLAY 2013年8月5日 13時23分 
You shouldn't have to use any powerups on the first wave of dinos. So just collect coconuts.

最近の変更はYOUR MOM IS FREE TO PLAYが行いました; 2013年8月5日 13時23分
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