Total War: ROME II - Emperor Edition

Total War: ROME II - Emperor Edition

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Catterpillar 3 NOV 2013 a las 21:21
Total war veterans, is this game fun?
As a more than 500 hours on shogun and many for on TW series before steam, i felt like i shouldn't waste my time with this. Any veteran find it enjoyable? And a FYI, the time i spend on Rome 2 was testing mod, not even playing.
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Toxicwire 3 NOV 2013 a las 21:26 
Yes, I enjoy the game. People are ♥♥♥♥♥ing and moaning about the game being broken when at launch...That was Sept. 2nd or 3rd, I don't remember. And it's been 2 damned months and people are complaining about it being bad at launch, they don't realize that there is something called a PATCH and or UPDATE that fixes the game. The graphics are good, not as good as Shogun though. AI is pretty decent too, way better than it was during launch. There is good and bad about the game but don't listen to all the hate about this game. I've logged 130 hours into it and personally love it.

I have all the Total War games EXCEPT Shogun 1 and the Shogun Online.
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Rabidnid 3 NOV 2013 a las 21:29 
Yeah I have 300 hours. The battles are nothing special and the naval is broken, but the campaign is amazingly deep. Diplomacy and the limited number orf armies, plus the different agents, give you a lot of scope to develop your own style.
Jackal 3 NOV 2013 a las 21:30 
I've had some ups and downs with this game. But overall I'm quite disappointed *shakes head*

Once upon a time I was so eager to play this game and do so much... now I'm like meh

But I still have faith in this game. It's probably because of the modding community creating awesome work and the devs are making regular patches. (Even though the last patch made my game not launch). Nevertheless, I know deep down that this game has soooo much potential.
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Ryly 3 NOV 2013 a las 21:58 
I enjoy the game, bugs and all. I know the release had a lot of fans up in arms but things seem to be better now than before.

2 things too keep in mind though if you're considering it.

1. It still, sadly, doesn't feel complete. I had to put a MOD *Radius Total War* onto it to make it feel like it really should. There are a ton of problems with the game but like Little Brother up there put it; I know deep down that this game has SOOOO much potential, it just needs time.

2. This is, amazingly, not the worst TW releas I've been though. Depending on how much of a veteran you are, you might remember Empires abysmal launch and patch process *6 months for the first substantial patch! A year before everything was even close to fixed! And then $60 for what ammounted too a glorified DLC with less features!* and they're deffinately doing better with this release *5 patches in as manny weeks, not bad*.

Sigh, didn't mean to rant.
Jukes 3 NOV 2013 a las 22:11 
The game is fun and fine, it was extrmely broken on realse but with most bugs fixeed. I'm not sure why there are so many ♥♥♥♥♥es i guess they expected somthing like skyrim? game is fun and worth the buy.
calamanci 3 NOV 2013 a las 22:14 
I was still playing the old rome back until a few months back. Was big time europa barbarorum fan. I dont feel this game like I should or wanted to. I think iyts the family tree and the lack of immersive small details.
Uncle Fungus 3 NOV 2013 a las 22:22 
Bugs/glitches aside, you know while this game has it's mechanic flaws I'll take them over Rome 1's terrible distance from Capital mechanic. Because we all know how much fun it was to watch as all the cities in your back became owned by rebels, and your only choice was to re-take them and masacre the entire population so that, that city wont spawn rebels for another 25 odd turns. Sounds fun doesn't it?
Vargas78 3 NOV 2013 a las 22:25 
It's getting better. And i think it will continue to do so. Empire took 6 months to get good.

I initially didnt like it after playing it on launch day but over the weeks its become fun to play, even on my aging rig.
I find Rome 2 to be lacking in alot of flavour.I dearly miss the cinematic agent scenes that were present in past total war games,especially the hilarious ones in Shogun 2.
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Rare BANZAI! 3 NOV 2013 a las 23:48 
I like rome 2 the only thing I dont like about its community I think its well......Turning into COD why does everybody have to complain about the smallest thing like 2.50 for a blood pack come on. Other then that I love this game
Hannibal Barca 3 NOV 2013 a las 23:53 
I played 1000's hrs on Shogun2 and 1000's hrs on Empire , more on med2 with mods, I only played ROme2 300 hrs , aside from all the bugs and issues the game just got boring, Once you become huge noone can stop you and the Civilwar is a joke compared to realm divide. Rome2 was made for people that complained shogun2 was to hard.
Ex (Bloqueado) 3 NOV 2013 a las 23:57 
It would be one of my favorite total wars if it ran as smoothly as it should. I still get bad FPS. Not sure why I'm one of the unlucky few that hasn't been fixed yet.
Catterpillar 4 NOV 2013 a las 0:13 
i just hope that they won't make an expansion like napoleon and abandon this one
paranoid623 4 NOV 2013 a las 0:17 
Every TW game has been fairly buggy at release so I can accept that. This game though...I don't know. I usually get hooked on these games; I have hundreds of hours in every TW from Rome 1 forward. I can't exactly put my finger on it, but Rome2 is just kind of boring. I can't point to any specific thing about it that is bad, and indeed there are many mechanics that are improved over previous games in the series. It just feels like it lacks soul...Like, playing it for some reason feels more tedious than fun.
Rurt Kussell 4 NOV 2013 a las 1:01 
500 hours in shogun =/= total war veteran
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