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Fix Game from not launching for the First time.
by robotman5
This is just a basic 1 page guide on how to fix the black screen error when trying to launch the game for the first time....
Collectables and helpful hints.
by Chenergy
A guide for the locations of the raccoon mascots and typewriters, also a handful of tips for new players....
RE:ORC All Cameras, Data Pads, Raccoons and Typewriters
by Methadon3000™
In this guide you will find all Cameras, Data pads, Typewriters and Raccoons in Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City Credits 4 videos: cjshisno7 ...
Constant UAC Prompt Fix
by Ryu Connor
A fix for the constant UAC prompt generated by Steam and Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City....
Problem with Echo Six DLC - Solved
by Aziryel
Hey Guys, I didn't see too many people with this problem, but I believe it would be good to have this quick guide to solve this issue. 1st step, delete all the DLC folders from ORC. 2nd Step, Run the game on Steam, a download will start again with the...