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Set different languages for subtitles and speeches.
by Belemonguin
How to set two different languages for subtitiles/interface and speeches of the characters. ...
Easy Lighting Fix for NVIDIA Cards - No Additional Software Needed
by Syn
A quick step by step guide to resolve lighting issues in The Witcher....
Bigger Text
by Antr4cite
Maximize text size...
The Witcher: Price of neutrality
by Azraeil
In here you will have the story PRICE OF NEUTRALITY and the 3 possible endings for this adventure...
Advanced Alchemy Guide
by JDaniels
A concise Guide to Efficient Alchemy (game). Not intended as a first read on the matter....
Witcher Enhanced Edition: Play it on Hard!
by PrinzEugen
Now that The Witcher 3 has been released to great critical acclaim, interest in the original The Witcher has risen too. This guide is mainly aimed at players who are new to the first Witcher game. It is actually a plea to play this gr...
Best weapons and armor for The Witcher game
by Azraeil
This is a guide for the best 2 weapons in game and the armor. The reason you should try to have them is because you can import this items in Witcher 2. ...
Witcher : All Romance Cards
by Azraeil
It was made so people that want to get the cards can find them easy here. I use information from different sites to create this guide Here a link to all the 6 video for romance cards :
Духи и Фисштех / Perfume & Fisshtech
by KvantuS
Как приготовить духи и фисштех своими силами / How to cook perfume and fisshtech by yourself...
The Witcher, my Geralt's build for hard mode
by mammasaura
This is this the overview of the build I used to play in "The Witcher" in hard difficulty. I tried to describe the chosen talents, minimizing the bronze/silver/gold talents used in order to be effective without touching level 50 (God mode on). I also t...