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Beginners Guide to get Started and some Tips
by Sotavdod
This will explain how to your money started, and how to get some new weaopons and even how to equip them , some charcter help as well. ...
Wirtschafts- und Charakter Guide
by Hagen67483
Ein grundlegender Guide zum Aufbau des eigenen Imperiums und Vorschlägen zur Spezialisierung der Gangster und des Bosses....
Omerta - City of Gangsters Achievement Guide [CHN] [ENG]
by M@nkey
This guide is based on my own experiences in several playthroughs.If you have any suggestions for completing the achievements, please leave a comment. Any requests for more information on a certain achievement will be considered. Thank you!...
Cheats Codes/Коды к Omerta: City of Gangsters
by PavlO ™
Omerta - Understanding the game.
by Kaorimoch
Omerta -- City of Gangsters (Gameplay Tips) 黑帮之城通关小技巧
by Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves
我应该还会不定期更新 如果有什么说错了或者不到位的 还请各位高人指点 1.个人认为手枪或者散弹枪是The Boss的首选 手枪只用非常低的Acton Point 到了后面配上合适的技能 可以一回合杀掉...