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A newbie's guide to DDO
by Burnsmh
This is a guide to show you the basics and more advanced things about the game. This will include, settings, group and guild edicate, gameplay style, tips and tricks that most advanced players know. Basicly this guide will take you from a day one newbie a...
A simple guide for F2P
by bobson_
The following is a simple guide to free turbine points you can earn in game and how to get them. As well as basic information you need to know about playing as a pure F2P....
Expected Gear: What you should carry always
by 殺してあげる
After a few facefault moments of egregious ill-equiping being discovered in quests, decided to make a post about what I'd expect a party-member to carry into a quest. Now sharing it here. This isn't 'uber gear' or expensive stuff, just a list of gear...
The Tale of the Storm Reaver and The Truthful One
by 殺してあげる
Unlike some games where you're lead by the nose and told the storyline, replete with a hundred cut-scenes, or have 'story quests' standing out from 'side-quests', Dungeons and Dragons Online forces you to think. Think, remember and draw correlations. ...
Experiencing Experience
by 殺してあげる
A breakdown on quest experience and its nuances....
Navigating the Adventure Compendium
by 殺してあげる
A Guide to Navigating the Adventure Compendium ...from a Freemium Perspective Free or Adventure Pack? And which pack? A listing of quests by level, sorted by what pack they belong to....
Favor Grinding - Truly, F2P
by Miss Futa
For the DDO player, who's allergic to bills....
Basic Character Building (Stats)
by GimpyElf
Guide to basic character building. Character stats explained....
What is my job desription?
by Elephant Rave
If you're new or returning, you may look at all the classes and go "wait... the **** i do with this?", well this is a brief overview of what your classes job description is!...
Shadowfell Conspiracy coming soon!!
by akhitman
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