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"Tag You're It" Achievement
by Quemical
Tag at least one rival gang member within 30 seconds...
All Graffiti Soul Locations
by Kentucky Pete, Pizza King.
A detailed list of the locations of all the hidden Graffiti Souls in the game....
Get Borderless Fullscreen Mode
by GoGo!セーラーふく [青春orzミックス]
This guide explains how to set the game to "Borderless Windowed Mode"™...
How to complete the tutorial
by JLX (Mr. Badguy)
Yes, I'm serious. Learn how to complete the hardest part of the tutorial, the 50 combo link....
How to play Jet Set Radio without a controller
by yall
Did you buy this classic Dreamcast title without owning a 360 controller like I did? Do you want to play this great game? Within this guide, I will answer these questions!...
How to play Jet Set Radio
by Kuro Mewsagi
This guide will instruct you on how to play Jet Set Radio, from the basic controls to the advanced mechanics that will get you through to the end of the game....