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Infested Planet Gameplay Guide
by LanguidJaguar
Updated for Trickster's Arsenal DLC. Instruction manual / walkthrough / strategy guide for Infested Planet....
Infested Planet Basics and Tactics Guide
by Rip
This guide covers the basics of Infested Planet as well as some tactics and tips....
How to beat abyss and above
by oBerry
This is a usefull guide for defeating the Abyss mode and above in Random Mission. I will be publishing many guides like this since there are next to none on here. Note that this guide is specifically for Random Mission only....
Simple intro to early game + mechanics. WIP
This guide will simply inform you about early game and how some mechanics work....
Easy Breeze Through 1st Levels
by contrastruction
For the beginning levels I found it easy enough eventually. Creating riflemen at first, then a few officers, a couple shot gunners when available. Then just take that small army and build it up with the same order. Just use rockets for each nest...