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Population and Manpower Guide for Newly Nomadic Players [+Bonus Section]
by Warlordnipple
This describes the mechanics behind Population and Manpower for the Nomads. The guide shows in detail where all the numbers come from and what increases or decreases the gain of Population and Manpower. Bonus Section: Clan Mechanics Explained!...
Irish Saga #3: Murchad I, King of Ireland
by TheFlyingScotsman01
The first King of Ireland, he unified the island under his banner- before going on Crusade and launching the initial Irish takeover of Wales....
Alternative Player Manual
by philfoster
An alternative, more in depth and useful manual for Crusader Kings 2 made by a student named Darren West. All credit should go to him.
CKII DLC timeline
by Burn
DLCs are paid expansions that unlock new characters to play or enable new game mechanics. They are normally released alongside major patches that give players most of the new content for free. Most DLCs are seen as optional content (music, graphical or...
Making a Mod: Traits
by Commander Somebody
This short guide will explain how to add a new trait to the game, in the form of a mod....
Irish Saga #2: Duke Brian of Mumu
by TheFlyingScotsman01
The man who came so close to the Irish crown, only to lose it all when death came knocking on his door....
French Politics
by Logos
A guide to the CK2 Faction France and it's politics. France is one of the best nations for internal and modern (Medieval) politcs....
Khaaan! Conquering the world as the Mongols
by mdownie
“I am the flail of god. Had you not created great sins, god would not have sent a punishment like me upon you.” Ghengis Khan. This guide will show you how to conquer the entire known world in a couple of hundred years. It has been updated for vers...
Holy Smoke Steam Achivement.
by GNU/Linux
This is a guide to get the Holy Smoke Steam achivement. In order to do this, you need The Old Gods DLC, which can be found at the Steam store....
Ironman: A beginner's guide & myth-busting
by Falk0
"What is Ironman? What does it do and what are its restrictions? Can I use mods with Ironman? What can I do to prevent my saves form becoming "corrupted"? The anwsers to all of these questions and more can be found in this guide" ...