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#1 Getting started on PoxNora
by moles1909
If you have just completed the tutorial and wondering what next? I hope this will help to get you started. I am planning to do something a bit more in depth soon, possibly on Youtube so I can demonstrate what i'm talking about, but this will be a basi...
#2 Competitive Budget deck for each faction! Added 5/8
by moles1909
Have you just started playing and thinking that everybody else seems to have a better deck than you? wondering if the game is P2W? Well not for long. I have created a budget deck for every faction with the aim of making it as close to a top meta deck as p...
Tips on Deck building
by silfeed
You have a deck, some runes, you've done the tutorials, but somethings off? It's time for you to create your very own custom deck. These are few tips on how to go about that and also a few battle strategies....
Trading-Poxbox-New players
by silfeed
Are you new and ready to trade for better runes? This guide is to give a little insight on how trade works in poxnora so that you get your values worth and not cheated...
How to become a better player
by silfeed
Just a few things you have to accept to become better....