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ROCKSTAR 2013年9月9日 6時15分
[L4D2] Basic models and HQ models
Hey everyone, after doing a lot of different things to get L4D2 models and maps work in SFM, it finally works, all the maps and props are loaded and it's pretty cool. However, it is strange because I cannot find at all the models of the survivors (L4D1 et L4D2, which seems even not to be in my L4D folders of the game). Do you know where I can get them ?
Moreover, I would like to know if some models of infected (normal and special) exist but with more details (the models i have for example, i cannot control fingers of the hunter, or the tiny arm of the charger), let's say with "more bones to control".

Thanks a lot !
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ROCKSTAR 2013年9月9日 16時34分 
Bumping. I would like to add I still didn't even found any pack of the survivors in hwm models. Please someone can upload them at least? For the infected one, I guess no HWM models exist so far? Thanks a lot
nobum62 2013年9月9日 19時27分 
if you have gfcscape, you can just go to Steam\steamapps\common\left 4 dead\left4dead, right click the file called "pak01_dir", click "Open with GFCScape", and find the models and materials there. if it's not in "pak01_dir", it's probably in "pak02_dir". alternatively, you can just download a L4D model pack on

but i don't think HWM models exist for L4D :/
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