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Help Painting hats
I have the hat proxy file, it wont work when I try to paint a desert maurader or max head, I use notepad++ as well, HELP!
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Not sure why you use Notepad++ with the hat proxy, but, I thought that the hat proxy was broken since the last update. Anyway, I painted both hat without problems by editing the vmt files for each.

The deset_marauder.vmt is found in Sourcefilmmaker\game\tf\materials\models\player\sniper, open it in notepad++ and find the line "$colortint_base" "{xxx xxx xxx}" (the xxx's are numbers between 0 and 255) Change those to the RGB colour number you want your hat to be. (Austrailium Gold is 231 181 59) Save the changed vmt. If you want to preserve the original vmt, save the new one to your USERMOD\materials\models\player\sniper folder. It will have priority. Load your hat, it will be the colour you input into the file.

Follow the same process for the ttg_max.vmt for the Max Hat. the vmt is found in the game\tf\materials\models\player\items\all_class Again find the "$colortint_base" "{xxx xxx xxx}" line and edit it to the RGB colour you want. (ie Ye Old Rustic Colour is 124 108 87)

Save the file. If you want to preserve the original vmt, then save to USERMOD\materials\models\player\items\all_class

If the usermod folders don't exist, create them. If you need to find the RGB colour numbers for TF there is a colour chart at the bottom of this guide...
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