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FUNKe 2013年10月27日下午2:43
Request to Recompile map with HDR
I'm working on my saxxy along with other videos, and i'm in dire need of this[] map.

However when i try to recompile it in hammer, i get the vrad.exe error, and the maps doesnt get recompiled correctly.

could someone with experience in maps recompile the map for me, or tell me how to fix my error? you'll be credited for the help and possibly rewarded
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Pte Jack 2013年10月27日下午2:49 
have you tried sending it to SFMBox?
FUNKe 2013年10月27日下午2:59 
sending? the only option i see is to submit it as a map, not to get tech support. i suppose i could submit and see if they'll know anything about the issue.
Pte Jack 2013年10月27日下午4:04 
That's what I meant by "have you tried sending it to"
Psi 2013年10月28日上午11:21 
Just curious.. did you try the suggestion you were given over at facepunch? That is, to try it with different SDK versions of hammer?
FUNKe 2013年10月28日下午1:21 
huh, he edited a previous comment so i didnt notice. i'll try it out.
正在显示第 1 - 5 条,共 5 条留言
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