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Hubertus250 2014年2月28日 0時22分
More movie export formats.
I install QuickTime becouse i need more movie export formats. After install I still have only AVI format. What I must do to have MP4 format? Please help me, becouse when i render a movie in AVI format my Windows can't read this or it's very low fps
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raptornx01 2014年2月28日 2時50分 
Restart you comp.
Hubertus250 2014年2月28日 7時45分 
Thanks :D
Killer Hyena 2014年11月17日 17時04分 
I've restarted the computer, I've even un and re installed both applications to no effect, ALL I have is .AVI as an option, any other suggestions out there?
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