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How to be Edgy in Mirror's Edge
by Ho Chi Meme
This guide will give you precise information on how to achieve maximum edge in Stevie Wonder's 2006 hit "Mirror's Edge". NORMIES GET OUT REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE...
Speedrunning Techniques from a Pro
by SeeBetterFromaDistance
This guide is to help those just starting to speedrun levels, or even just for that one player who can't get 3 stars on a time trial. I will show you the basics, then get into the more complicated techniques that can save you minutes if done right. What I...
Mirror's Edge Bag Guide
by _mapeva_
This is a guide to get all the 30 hidden bags Remember, there is a mirror's edge logo near the bags Pictures are taken from
How to change your FOV in Mirror's Edge
by m0sley
A lot of people's main complaint with Mirror's Edge is the narrow field of view. It can cause motion sickness and in my opinion prevents the game from being as immersive as it could be. Fortunately it's pretty easy to modify... First, go to: C:\Users\...
How to improve physx peformance (NVIDIA)
by Rotanixel
Having problems punching through glass does your framerate drop considerably look here...
Giant Rat Easter Egg
by Dubloon
Just a quick guide for an interesting easter egg....
How to disable the FPS lock - Mirror's Edge Guide
by Saki
A short and simple tutorial on how to disable the fps locking in Mirror's Edge...
Non-blind Story Mode Playthrough
by VinVizer
Video playthrough of Mirror's Edge Story Mode. Non-blind and low commentary plus some extra stuff....
Enemies, Combat and Weapons in Mirror's Edge
This guide includes information for all the weapons, combat and enemies in Mirror's Edge. Many say that the combat in Mirror's Edge is awkward but thankfully infrequent. If you take a look at the size of this guide you will find that combat, although not ...
How to give the "V-sign" in Mirror's Edge
by nicklepiefy
Ever want to unleash your rage on the time trials? Is some sniper certainly about to shoot the back of your head? Did you take the slightest misstep on that crane arm? This guide will explain how to give those situations the equivalent of the finger! In-g...