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Running Arx Fatalis on modern systems
by twoteatoyou
Having troubles running Arx Fatalis on your PC? Weird stuttering and unstable framerate bothers you? Can't launch the game at all? Check this guide to find the solution to your problems....
Прохождение Arx Fatalis
by HidingFox
Полное прохождение игры Arx Fatalis. Подробное описание основной сюжетной линии....
Cheat's and Secret's!
by Bloodycloud[Snipernoob]
Cheat`s At the beginning of the game, after you have escaped your cell and have fought the first goblin, you see a table and a chair. In the corner are two bones. Take the left bone(double-click then click on the chair; gives you a triangles-in-c...
Arx Fatalis all level maps with legend
by Alderon NL
A collection of all the levels for the game Arx Fatalis. Legend included. These maps have been taken from Sia 'Garret' Manzari's unofficial guide of (the now sadly defunct) RPGDot....
Arx Fatalis| Лечим жёсткие дропы.
На современном железе FPS дропается,причём не по детски(5-60 fps).И это совершенно не играбельно,поэтому решаем данную проблему....