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Over-simplified Manual Targeting Guide (for Ships and Giggles)
by Bodin
I am no pro at SH4, but I've picked up tips over the course of my playtime (from sources such as, Rockin Robbins' youtube videos, and Capt-n-scurvy's high realism tutorial [
How to upload your SH4 screenshots
by Bodin
Since the community overlay doesn't work for Silent Hunter 4, the only way one can show off one's screenshots is to do it manually. There are plenty of youtube videos describing the method, but I hope this guide will allow you to skip a step or two to mak...
Crew Stats
by [Dssg]Marine
This guide will tell you which stats on crewman impact which compartment....
Evading Destroyers
by Randox
A walkthrough of the game mechanics surrounding how destroyers detect and attack submarines, and the counter methods available to a submarine to escape....