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Minoriko's Guide to the Console
przez Yuyuko Saigyouji
This guide instructs on how to navigate the Administrator Console in Uplink, with screenshot references on the function of each command....
Early Game Bank Robbery - Get 1M in 1 hour, stock hardware and few software
przez MestreLion
How to get millions very early in the game, buying very few software and using the default hardware. I've spent only 17K and made 4.5M and Expert Ranking right after getting Intermediate level. That's around in-game March 28th, or about 1~2 hours of gamep...
Hacking your first bank
przez Rollersteaam
In this guide, I will explain to you the precautions, the equipment, the tips and the method of how you will hack your very first bank. I will go in depth with the precautions, equipment, tips and method to really allow you to grasp how Uplink works, and ...
Minoriko's Guide to Missions
przez Yuyuko Saigyouji
Got a question about how to complete a mission? Check out solutions here!...
Uplink - Shutting Down the Global System
przez Sapphire
A guide to getting all of the special missions done before they expire....
ModLink's Ultimate Uplink Guide
przez cyberpunk2350
Haven't seen this on here and have found it to be a great resource. This is Ultimate Uplink Guide as published on the ModLink website by IcePick (no i'm not him)
My Guide To Uplink
przez Maraio1
In this guide to Uplink, by Introversion Software, I'm going to take you through pretty much everything that Uplink has to offer in terms of content, challenges, rewards and of course death. Hope that this helps some of you out there, I've collected th...
Minoriko's Guide for Dealing with Disavowment
przez Yuyuko Saigyouji
It happens to the best of us. You'll be having a blast inside that Central Mainframe, realize you've never turned on your Trace Tracker, and notice it's at 98%. And then it's all gone. The infamous screen appears, and your criminal record has you down for...
Using the "Voice Analyser"
przez milokp
A quick guide to using this tool in Uplink....
Hack the government without getting traced!
przez c00kedch!cken
Hacking the International academic database, International social database and the Global criminal database without getting traced!...