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Dinosaurs. How to play as and against them.
by raupi
In this guide we will tell you how the different dinosaurs will attack you and what you can do against them. Additionally you will learn how to be a truly mean dinosaur yourself. You can play as any dinosaur in Rampage game mode and defend eggs ...
LVL up any class while AFK
by Phatplanet
LVL up your NOOB characters to unlock all the perks and weapons, quick, with less effort....
(VERY EASY)1237% XP boost/Achievement Grind
by Famouskilz
Basicly, I am here just to show you guys the video, on this reaaaall easy trick for gaining ranks/tons of xp/achievement grind. :D Enjoy you dinosaurs.
A Handful of tips and secrets Nobody seems to know.
by Mohl
Just a small pile of tidbits that seem to be underused throughout the community....
Достижения(без накопительных)[ДОДЕЛАНО]
by DanIs [Rus]
Melee System
by David Prassel
In this short guide we are going to go over the Melee system in 'ORION: Dino Horde' and the many ways it can be used on the battlefield. We will be talking about how to perform them, best times to use it and strategies for combinging melee attacks with o...
Общие сведения по игре
by Allester Fox
Общие сведения по игре : Управление, вооружение, бустеры, ачивки и советы......
how 2 mlg the dinosaur game nam onion dino whore
by 322
this how u dinosaur mlg ok if u find anythig wrog in this guig u r stupid and should end urself...
XP, Achievement, And Money Farming Guide
by [PGCA] XxStormPkX [SSAnonymous]
A Very Useful Trick Thats Easy To Do. Just Requires A Little Patience And Time....
by Greener
ORION:Dino Horde - Game Modes それぞれどんなルールかメモっておきます...