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Limit max. volume, useful 4 TOO LOUD PISTOLS etc.
by N|R|Force -[BAZ]- V
The T99 pistols are still too loud and hurt my ears. Until this is fixed I use a free program called Sound Lock 1.3.2. With this I can limit the maximum sound volume. When set up right, the marker is just above the max. loudness I want to hear over my spe...
(VERY EASY)1237% XP boost/Achievement Grind
by [HighVoltage]Famouskilz
Basicly, I am here just to show you guys the video, on this reaaaall easy trick for gaining ranks/tons of xp/achievement grind. :D Enjoy you dinosaurs.
Достижения(без накопительных)[ДОДЕЛАНО]
by DanIs [Rus]
Which class is the best for you?
by TCR | Elfee
A guide about the 3 different classes in the game "Orion: Dino Horde" / "Orion: Prelude". Also there are some tips how to play them and what to purchase with every class....
Melee System
by David Prassel
In this short guide we are going to go over the Melee system in 'ORION: Dino Horde' and the many ways it can be used on the battlefield. We will be talking about how to perform them, best times to use it and strategies for combinging melee attacks with o...
Guide découverte de ORION: Prélude
by Akatosh
Petit guide explicatif pour bien débuter dans ORION : Prélude...
Fighting Dinosaurs
by David Prassel
In this Steam Guide we will be talking about the various Dinosaur types and how to deal with and combat each dinosaur inside of ' ORION: Dino Horde '....
Общие сведения по игре
by Allester Fox
Общие сведения по игре : Управление, вооружение, бустеры, ачивки и советы......
Beginner's Quick Guide
by GrandRiser
Are you new players of ORION: DINO HORDE? Want some simple guide with pictures? This simple basic guide will help you to learn stuffs about surviving in ODH! I noticed some beginners are having a hard time finding where and how to buy ammos, and so on,...
Advanced Controls (explained by Raptors)
by raupi
The friendly lizards known from Dino Beatdown are finally back! They know every trick in the book and every undocumented feature in ORION: Prelude. In this guide you'll learn how to reload fast, do sword combos, drive with the cockpit camera and many more...