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Supplemental Workshop Terms – Revenue Sharing

These Supplemental Workshop Terms supplement the terms set out in the Steam Subscriber Agreement. They address how revenue will be shared for any Contributions for which a fee is charged.

  1. Revenue Share for Paid Distribution of Contributions. If your Contribution is distributed for a fee (whether in-Application or via the Steam Workshop), you may be entitled to receive a portion of the Adjusted Gross Revenue (as defined below) that is collected for the Contribution. The percentage of Adjusted Gross Revenue that you are entitled to receive will be determined by the developer/publisher of the Application associated with the Workshop to which you have submitted your Contribution (“Publisher”), and will be described on the applicable Workshop page. Valve will remit payment of any revenue share to which you are entitled in accordance with directions from the applicable Publisher, and in accordance with Valve’s payment procedures. Generally, payment is made thirty (30) days from the end of the calendar month in which the Adjusted Gross Revenue was received. For reasons of fraud protection, no payment is made earlier than ninety (90) days after the initial copy of a Contribution is distributed. For available payment methods and associated minimum transfer amounts, please see the FAQ page.

    These definitions apply to this Section 1.

    "Adjusted Gross Revenue" means gross revenue actually received by Valve from the distribution of copies of the Contribution, less the Applicable Adjustments (defined below).

    "Applicable Adjustments" means (a) returns, discounts, refunds, fraud or chargebacks; and (b) Customer Taxes (defined below), if and only to the extent that Customer Taxes have been included in the calculation of gross revenue earned.

    “Customer Taxes” means taxes that are imposed on a customer of Valve with respect to the distribution, sale or license of copies of the Contribution (for example, sales, use, excise, value-added and other similar taxes) and that are received from the customer by Valve.

  2. Setting Prices. The Publisher will have the ultimate discretion to determine the suggested retail price for your Contribution. In the case of Contributions distributed directly via the Steam Workshop, Valve and/or the Publisher may choose to offer you price categories from which you can choose a suggested retail price for your Contribution. In the case of in-Application distribution, the Valve and/or the Publisher may choose to distribute your Contribution for free, or to cease charging a fee for (or reduce the price for) a Contribution previously distributed for a fee. You will not be entitled to any compensation for Contributions distributed for free.

  3. Taxes. Valve requires you to provide certain information and to complete certain tax forms in order to receive payment. If Valve determines, in good faith, that a tax could be imposed on Valve’s payments to you, Valve may withhold any amounts required to be withheld under applicable law and remit those amounts to the relevant taxing authority. You are responsible for paying any other taxes due on amounts Valve pays to you.

  4. Group Contributions. You may submit a Contribution to which others besides you have contributed (a “Group Contribution”). You must identify all other contributors (“Contributors”) in the submission webform, provide their names and contact information, and specify revenue split percentages among the Contributors. Valve will contact the identified Contributors. All Contributors must agree to the application of these Supplemental Workshop Terms to the Group Contribution, confirm their personal information, and agree to the specified revenue split before any payments can be made to any Contributor. Valve will then remit amounts due under Section 1 to each Contributor in accordance with the revenue split percentages specified and approved by you and the other Contributors.

  5. Bundling. In the case of in-Application distributions, the Publisher may bundle your Contribution with other Contributions and/or Publisher’s own materials. If the bundle is distributed for a fee, Valve and/or the Publisher will apportion the Adjusted Gross Revenue to each of the components making up the bundle in its sole discretion. The portion attributed to a Group Contribution included in a bundle will be divided among the Contributors pursuant to Section 4.

  6. Indirect Distributions of Contributions. Valve or the Publisher may charge a fee for the right or chance to later obtain one or more Contributions (for example, the sale of a “key” that can be used to unlock a crate containing a set of content). In cases such as these, where a fee is charged indirectly for the ability to acquire content, Valve and/or the Publisher may determine what revenue share will be paid for any Contributions that are ultimately distributed, and how such revenue share will be allocated amongst multiple Contributors, in its sole discretion.

  7. Revenue Share on Fees Collected on Secondary Sales. In cases where your Contribution is capable of being sold by Steam Subscribers in the Steam Community Market, Valve or the Publisher may choose to share a portion of any game fee, if any, they receive in connection with such secondary sales. The applicable Workshop page may provide information about potential revenue sharing in this case.

  8. Sales Data. Valve may provide you with access (via web site or otherwise) to Steam data relating to sales of your Contribution(s) (“Sales Data”). Sales Data is provided for your personal use, and you agree to keep that data confidential.
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