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Pirate Galaxy
Exilas Feb 9, 2014 @ 4:09pm
some info on the game
1. the game money is called cryonite and you pay for gold with real money.
also this is not a pay to win game since it only allows you to have membership where you don't use energy on your tech skills and weapons but to bring yourself back from a pod "aka is what happens when you get blown up" it cost energy.

2.pvp is voluntary since you have to be level 10 then you will see a skull on top of the screen in the middle you click on that and accept to go into pirate mode "now to make this clear once you do this you are giving permission to everyone in the game to attack you and that includes the max level players." but once they pod you it takes you out of pirate mode until you click on it again which you can do right away if you want there is no wait time between pvp like in some games. are in a spaceship the object of the game is for you to get to the next system also to get better weapons and tech which means you will be what we call grinding a lot since the blueprints for the tech and weapons drop from npc called mantis also once you get the amount of blueprints it says you need since at the being it is only 1 blueprint the higher systems you will need more i seen it go to 25 you need to collect on one blueprint. so once you get the blueprint it will cost you cryonite which you get by killing the mantis as well but here this the thing for the better ships say like the event ships it will cost you 4.5 million cryonite and they made it so it take you if you are in lower systems close to 1 year to grinde all that specially if you are just starting out but get me wrong i am just letting you know how long it would take fora event ship since if you area good grinder aka rpg player you will get plenty of ships that are more reasonable in cryonite prices just that is if you are a person that likes to do the samething over and over again to get the amount of cryonite since they do make it hard to get.
also forgot to say there two types of blueprints which are blue and gold the gold blueprints are the system tech usually it well have the name of the system in these are the best in that system. usually when you first start out you want to go for the top blue since they are easier to get.

4. each system from vega-draconis system once you get the the system ship and tech you are able to solo the planets by yourself and i mean on grinding for tech and cryonite the hive in draconis system is for some reason way over powered since even level 85 players have a hard time surviving there.but that also could be just the player and the tech they have on there ships. but once you get to sirius that is a team system where you have to have clan and it goes base off of 1-5 rings first ring is level 70 something to level 85 on fifth ring which is a nightmare of a planet. since most don't have fully sirius tech level 85 ship once they get to sirius you will be force to be in squads no soloing and if you did you probable be able to take on ring 1-4 on certain mantis there.

so all this game pretty much is a game where you will be doing the samething over and over again and once you do all the story missions which leads you to sirius since they don't really have the next system which is called tua ceti finished and they been working on that system for over 2 years now. so for you to get to level 85 it is will be sirius and aspect to be in a pod alot in that system. and if you don't find a good and active clan then you pretty much be stuck at level 70=75 and by the way how they have the controls on this game it messes up your hands since only way to change them is by have a keyboard with profiles so you can switch the keys around since there is no option in the game it self. there fire button is number 1 key and there movement key is w and you can use the a d to turn right and left but using those to turn not so great since you have to stop pressing w so the only real way to turn is by mouse holding down the right click and moving the mouse while you are holding down w key so takes a while to get use to it. if you are not able to change the keys around.