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exLightning Sep 8, 2013 @ 7:47am
This was just an idea I thought the game could benifit from.

Ok well right now it is "Free to Play" Where people can download and play the game for free having acccess to the bare minimum equipment and animals, But what if the game was to inherit a new system where everyone starts off in the same situation and as they progress they gain new animals and locations without having to pay (Eg. Kill 50 mule deer to gain access to xxx) this could be used to let players kill new animals and access new areas, The licences offering to unlock everything could still be avalible for people who would rather pay to have everything instead of earn it but they would last forever instead of expiring, With this the game instead of being free to play could cost $15-25 (one time payment) , I think this would be more appealing to players so they would end up getting more money in the end and a larger player base.

Players would be able to sell horns,furs meat ect from whatever they kill and sell them , using this currency they can buy new equipment (That will expire in a week), And then there will be a special pay shop currency that allows cash shoppers to buy equipment perminantly using real money.

This allows both types of players to be able to have the same experience but with the paying players to have more benifits.

Good idea? Bad Idea? Explain why :)
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DILLIGAF Sep 23, 2013 @ 7:38pm 
If they can make money they will try it but what you get for free is what you get,1 island full of game but you can only shoot 1 species.They recently added a reward system for doing missions but the prices are outrageous and burns up your rewards fast.They are not gonna give anymore than they have for free,its all about money to them!!!!
exLightning Sep 23, 2013 @ 9:45pm 
Well they did add a new Gm$ currency system since i posted this but you can't easily get it , everything is expensive with it and only a small amount of items are avalible to purchase with it. Personally I would like the system if it was possible to harvest animals you have killed taking meat,skin and horns which are sold to gian Gm$ and more things are avalible to buy.
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