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Project Zomboid
masoe Mar 1, 2013 @ 3:02am
Just Heard About This Game....I Have Questions!
OK so I've watched some YouTube videos of the game and it looks like fun.

Is it worth the $8?

Steam says it's multiplayer, in what aspect of multiplayer (co-op, survival, free for all)?
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Alfigue Mar 1, 2013 @ 8:02am 
its a good game, soon they will release a new version RC3 with many changes.

the game dont have multiplayer yet, but in the future they want to implement
here a extract of the RC3 changes in the official of the forum

"EDIT: Updated as requested.

20x20 cell map-size covering entire of Muldraugh and surrounds (largely incomplete but explorable with stuff to find, and several finished inner town cells)
Balanced and expanded combat and zombie behaviours to make one easy to dispatch but 3-4 at once deadly.
Streaming world. No load screens once in-game.
New UI system / inventory / front-end
In-game login and resolution options.
In-game chat (optional)
Multi-map support for multiple maps.
Multi-world save functionality. (Still save on quit)
New NPC meta-game. NPCs survive over entire world in event driven world persistence system.
Many new NPC scenes related to the meta-game that provide story moments in sandbox.
Kate and Baldspot return.
New NPC interactions, send NPCs to loot and earn their keep!
New item distribution system. Higher population areas have more loot, but also...
New zombie system manages hordes across the entire map, that focus initially on heavy populated centres.
Reintroduced fire and rain.
Weather and temperature. Survive the winter with fires and warm clothes, or risk sun-stroke in the heat of summer.
Farm food, if you think you'll survive long enough to harvest the crops! (using the seasons system.
Longer days.
Music re-introduced.
Changed endurance system to be less annoying and feel more fluid.
Tweaked zombie grabs and endurance effects.
New carpentry system.
New crafting system.
Camping (fire pit + tent).
Female Zombies.
New character hair / beards.
Additional animations.
A whole bunch of new tiles.
Lots of bug fixes.

Will add as we do them or remember them."

(Sorry for my bad english haha)
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