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Ertosi  [developer] Mar 31, 2017 @ 10:16pm
CF Mod Policy and Subscription Terms
Mod Policy
•By installing and using this mod, you agree to its Policy and Subscription Terms.
•Updates can be seen in the "Change Notes" tab.
•This mod is made to work with the core game and not around other mods. Do not use this mod with other mods which also alter the files of the vanilla flyers or their eggs. See the list of Compatible/Incompatible Mods for more info.
•Don't be an askhole. Please read this mod's FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) before posting questions or comments and use the appropriate Discussion pages for posting Bug Reports, reporting Compatible/Incompatible Mods, or Server Advertisements.
•No requests. Consider this mod as-is and exactly how I want it.
•This mod updates on Thursdays (Central Time) and may have multiple updates each Thursday. Critical bug fixes or responses to Vanilla changes may alter this schedule.
•As the mod author, my contribution ends at ensuring the mod works in general. It is not my job to provide tech support for every user who has trouble installing mods or updates on their end. Kindly refer to Google or the ARK Forums for installation/update issues.
•English is the only language used by this mod; no exceptions.
•Posts which fail to follow this policy or which fail to show common courtesy will be deleted without notice.

Subscription Terms
By installing this mod and using it, you agree to the following:

1. CF engrams cannot be hidden for the purposes of donations or any form of monetization with out the consent of the creator. Doing so, would be a violation of the Creative Commons license attached to this mod, as no part of this mod may be used for monetization. Installing this mod, means you have agreed to the license terms.

2. Steam users that harass, insult, argue with, lecture or otherwise pester the creator, other mod developers, or any other steam user on CF's Steam Page, are subject to being banned from comments, and from the mod itself. Banned players will not be allowed to use any features of this mod, nor any one they are in a tribe with. Banned players that are server admin, will have all features of the mod deactivated for their server.

These terms are subject to change.
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