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Legends Of The Traveler - The Journey Begins
teccrab  [developer] Sep 18, 2016 @ 5:10pm
Rune System
For Legends of the Traveler we have planed to build an upgrade system, allowing the player to add Runes into Weapons and Armour for extra damage or protection. Runes of lower quality will do less damage and will have a certain amount of charges. Obviously Runes of higher quality will have more charges and do more damage or give better protection.

Qualities are Wood, Stone, Iron, Gold and the highest quality will be Gemstone. But we started wondering if we may want to allow players to add Gemstone Runes into a Weapon or Armour as a permanent effect. Of course this would have the side effect that a Gemstone added into a Weapon or Armour would not be easily to get replaced with another Rune.

We are at the moment thinking about the benefits for each system and thought it might be a good idea to include you into our decision making process. Please let us know what you think.