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Structures Plus (Open Source)
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orionsun  [developer] May 18, 2020 @ 2:46pm
Update 67 - Patch Notes
(italics denote information not present in the early patch notes)

- S+ now respects vanilla pickup settings (AlwaysAllowStructurePickup, StructurePickupTimeAfterPlacement & StructurePickupHoldDuration)
- Removed Configs: DisablePickup, DisablePickupWhenDamaged, DisablePickupAfterTime, TimeToDisablePickup & RestrictDemoGunPickup

- All S+ structures with a Homestead counterpart (triangle foundations, ceilings, fence supports, etc) have been renamed
(note: this means all applicable structures will be converted to their Homestead version on server start)
(note: it is no longer recommended to use AllowIntegratedSPlusStructures=false, it won't hurt but it doesn't matter anymore)

- S+ Engrams now replace vanilla engrams (ie a S+ Wood Wall now requires the S+ Thatch Wall engram & has the same cost as vanilla)
(note: already learned engrams will not be removed from characters, you can use a mindwipe to clear the clutter though)
- New Config: DisableEngramOverride (will disable the engram override)
- New Config: EngramOverrideBlacklist (a list of vanilla engrams that you wish to not be overridden)
- New Config: SPlusEngramWhitelist (a list of S+ engrams you wish to use, all others will be hidden. This option also disables the engram override.)
- New Config: OverrideTekEngrams (by default tek engrams are not overridden, use this config to override them as well. This will also allow vanilla tek engrams that are not hidden to be learned manually.)
- S+ Tek Engrams have been given level requirements (partly to keep them from the top of the engram screen)
- Map specific engrams are now unlocked on all maps
- New Config: DisableUnlockingMapSpecificEngrams (disables the unlocking of map specific engrams)

- Structures will now automatically queue when placing them (ie after you place a wall, if you have another it will be activated for placement)
- New Config: DisableSmoothBuild (disables the placement queue)

- New Structures: Wood & Metal Ocean Platforms (can snap together, can build out & down, has snaps for vacuum compartments & has 15 model variants similar to glass)

** Platforms Plus Integration **
- All the structures from Platforms Plus have been brought to Structures Plus, redone in ways that were not possible to do in P+
- Snapping has been improved & additional snap points have been added (ie wedges can now snap end to end, as well as to platforms)
(note: these are entirely new structures & will not replace existing Platforms Plus structures, they also will not work well with Platforms Plus)
- New Config: ArePlatformsImmuneToDamage (will prevent all damage to ocean, cliff & tree platforms)

- New Config: ResourceTransferCooldown (the time between most inventory transfers, ie pulling)
- Pull icons no longer obstruct Cryopod tooltips
- The pull selected quantity text boxes now remember their last input
- You no longer need to select an item in a remote inventory to open the pull menu (in most cases)
- You can now right click the pull selected button to ignore the resources in the target inventory (ie if a pull requires 10 wood, it will pull 10 wood even if you have 10 wood already)

** S+ Multi-Tool **
- Has the following modes:
> Structure Mode: Pick Up, Demolish, Convert (can convert Homestead structures placed in the world to their S+ counterpart... use at your own risk)
> Model Mode: Adjusts model of things with alternate models (ie glass, seamless crop plots, ocean platforms) & model variants (basic structures)
> Glass Mode: Adjusts the transparency of any glass structure
> Turret Mode: Edits the settings for S+ turrets
> Visibility Mode: Toggles visibility of structures in S+ that can hide (ie pipes, wires, fence foundations)
> Dino Mode: Kill, Spay, Toggle Mating, Toggle Whistles, Toggle Follow, Toggle Wandering & Toggle Look At
> Remote Mode: Activate, Deactivate & Door sub-modes
> Repair Mode: Repairs your target if you have enough resources
> Light Mode: Edits the settings for S+ lights & torches
> Pillar Mode: Edits the settings for S+ Dynamic Pillars
> Underwater Mode: Open, Close, Freeze & Stasis underwater compartment sides
- Removed: Demo Gun, Model Selector, Transparency Cycler, Turret Configurator, Visibility Tool, Euthansia Gun, Command Tool, Remote, Repair Gun, Light Setter, Pillarator & the Underwater Tool
- New Config: MultiToolBlacklist (modes that will be hidden from the player)
- New Config: AllowAdminMultiTool (allows server admins to bypass most team checks with the Multi-Tool)
- New Config: MultiToolTraceLengthInFoundations (determines how far the Multi-Tool will reach, default/min 6, max 25)

** S+ Omni-Tool **
- Has the following modes:
> Basic Transfer (Transfer Gun)
> Advanced Transfer (Transfer Tool)
> Inventory Assistant
> Dedicated Storage (left click to send target inventory to S+ Dedicated Storage, right click to send your inventory)
> Teleporter (can now drop an AE teleport beacon, requires a teleporter powered by numerous tek generators to unlock all features)
> Scanner (opens the dino scanner UI, requires numerous transmitters powered by numerous tek generators to unlock all features)
- New Config: OmniToolBlacklist (hide modes from players)
- New Config: DisableTeleporterPowerRequirement (removes requirement for a teleporter powered by more than 1 tek generator)
- Removed: Transfer Gun, Transfer Tool, Inventory Assistant & Personal Teleporter

** S+ Transmitter **
- You can now turn it off/on
- The Dino Scan now partially works with hibernated dinos (it will show a rough location)
- You can now set the access level required for the Dino Scan to all, tribe only or tribe & allies
- The Dino Scan function now has requirements for scanning, you need at least:
> 2 transmitters for the basic scan (level only)
> 3 transmitters for the lat./long.
> 4 transmitters for the map position
> 5 transmitters for the gender and stats (new)
- New Config: DisableDinoScanStats (will hide the gender and stats of the scan)
- New Config: DisableNeedMultipleTransmitter (returns to the original functionality of only requiring a single transmitter for full access)
- New Config: TransmitterPickUpPreventionTimeInSeconds (will prevent the transmitter from being able to be picked up for x seconds)

** S+ Transfer Control Unit **
- Placeable on any surface
- Performs advanced transfers similar to the old Transfer Tool when its activated
- Can be activated by pin (ie step on pressure plate to trigger a transfer)
- Presets can be transferred between it & the Advanced Transfer Mode of the Omni-Tool (right click to take presets, g to apply presets)
- New Config: TribeTCULimit (limits the number of Transfer Control Units a tribe can place)

- Most structures now have lesser tiers as model variants (ie a stone wall can now use the wood, adobe, or thatch model while retaining its strength)
(note: greenhouse selected in this way will not provide greenhouse effect to crops)

- All S+ items now have "S+" on their icon
- All S+ structure items now have a root folder of "Structures"
- S+ Teleporter will no longer collide with players or dinos
- S+ Teleporter can be set to tribe only, tribe & allies or public
- Fixed issue with S+ Teleporter becoming public when painted a certain way
- Fixed issue with S+ Teleporter killing dinos
- S+ Flex pipes & wires have been replaced with the vanilla version (longer connection radius & ability to hide improved)
- Fixed issue with S+ Replicator turning items into engrams
- S+ Dedicated Storage now has the same crafting cost & weight as vanilla
- S+ Water Intakes can now be hidden
- Moved the Model & Transparency UIs down
- Fixed issue with placement of S+ Dynamic Gates & Gateways
- Fixed issue with snap assist losing collision on newly placed S+ Dynamic Gateways
- Refactored the blueprint function library (no predicted benefit to the player but more bugs)
- Replaced all direct asset references in snap points with structure tags (again little benefit to players while chance for random snaps to break)
- Removed S+ Tek Buggy

- New Structure: S+ Cryo Fridge (snaps to each other, adjustable inventory slots, will prevent charge loss even when not powered but will only recharge if powered, also recharges instantly)
- New Structure: S+ Tek Tree Sap Tap (larger inventory, collects sap faster & can send its inventory back to any S+ Dedicated Storage on the map)
- Fixed issue with S+ Tree Sap Taps not generating sap until their inventory has been opened at least once
- New Structure: S+ Tek Oil Pump (larger inventory & can send its inventory back to any S+ Dedicated Storage on the map)
- New Structure: S+ Pressure Plate (can be hidden, snaps to foundations/ceilings/roofs & no limit on number of nearby plates)
- New Structure: S+ Tek Sensor (can be hidden & no limit on number of nearby tek sensors)
- New Configs: TekAlarmTribeLimit & AlarmPlateTribeLimit (sets the maximum number of alarms that a tribe can place anywhere on the map)
- Fixed issue with S+ Turrets not respecting turret limits
- Players & dinos no longer collide with the S+ Tek Leash
- Wandering dinos will no longer get stuck on the edges of the S+ Tek Leash boundary
- You can now leash new dinos to a S+ Tek Leash without having to deactivate it first
- S+ Vacuum compartments are now set to always be drained (this can be disabled via the radial menu) so they won't reflood when building on them or changing them
- S+ Planetary Shield will now protect the Lunar biome from meteors
- S+ Tek Shield now protects against Lunar Radiation & can provide gravity when placed in the Lunar biome (toggle via radial menu)
- S+ Tek Shield will no longer push out unclaimed babies
- S+ Tek Shield now kills swarms on contact (Insect & Microbe)
- You can now toggle whether the S+ Nanny imprints (if your server allows it)
- The S+ Nanny will now disable wandering on dinos it is looking after
- Fixed a crash when trying to paint humanoid structures (preview window will not update but colors will apply)
- Fixed various structures losing their locked status on server restart
- New Config: DisableTransmitterPlacementOnSaddles (prevents S+ Transmitters from placing on saddles)
- New Config: AllowCatalyzerOutOfElement (allows you to place the S+ Element Catalyzer anywhere)
- Added new configs for the inventory slots for all S+ Turrets & S+ Water Taps (see config discussion for specifics)
- New Config: PreventFlameTurretDismount (stops the S+ Flame Turret from causing riders to dismount)
- New Config: DisableHatcheryOviBonus (stops the S+ Hatchery from boosting the egg production of nearby dinos)
- New Config: CloningChamberDinoMultipliers (allows you to set per dino multipliers for the cloning cost)
- The S+ Cloning Chamber now uses the vanilla teleporter model (ie a large flat space)
- Updated the S+ Tek Turret to match the hp of the vanilla tek turret
- S+ Dedicated Storage can now be set to Tribe, Tribe & Allies or Public (this only applies to deposit & withdrawl via the radial menu)
- S+ Hitching Posts now lower the time required for mating & gestation for hitched dinos (dinos must be hitched prior to mating)
- New Config: DisableHitchingPostMatingBonus (disables the hitching post mating bonus)
- S+ Tek Generators can now snap to foundations (toggle with G)
- S+ Generators can now have their snapping toggled with G
- S+ Preserving Bin can now snap to itself (disable with G)
- S+ Spike Walls can now have their snap points cycled (like fence foundations) & are now compatible with -structurememopts
- Added a label to the S+ Vault (set via radial menu)
- Fixed issue with crops in S+ Seamless Crop Plots being too low
- S+ Crop Plots can no longer placed on top of other crop plots
- New Config: TribeCropPlotLimit (the limit of all types of S+ Crop Plots that a tribe can place)
- New Config: TribeGavagerLimit (the limit of S+ Gacha Gavagers a tribe can place)
- New Config: ReplicatorScaleMultiplier (overrides the default scaling of the S+ Replicator)
- New Config: IndustrialForgeScaleMultiplier (overrides the default scaling of the S+ Industrial Forge)
- New Config: GrinderScaleMultiplier (overrides the default scaling of the S+ Industrial Grinder)
- New Config: EnableStructureSound (structures will produce sound... note this only applies to structures that have a vanilla version that also makes sound)
- S+ Dedicated Storage resource select UI now has a filter box
- S+ Dedicated Storage Intake no longer requires artifacts to upgrade or craft & is cheaper to craft
- Removed "Send to Dedicated Storage" option from S+ Crystal Cracker
- S+ Tek Elevators now have model variations similar to glass (can use S+ Multi-Tool or radial menu to change)
- Opaque S+ Tek Elevators have a new look
- Fixed various structures that did not respect enemy structure proximity
- Fixed issue with pull repair not pulling the correct resources for items with scaled repair overrides (ie Tek)
- S+ Item Collector is now humanoid
- Most activatable structures can now be activated via pin code
- New Config: AllowGrindingMissionRewards (will allow the S+ Grinder to grind items that normally can be ground but have been flagged as not by missions... will not allow grinding of every single item with the no grind icon)
- The S+ Grinder can now be set to grind all when activated (toggle via the radial menu)
- The S+ Grinder & S+ Laboratory can now craft Turtle Shell (can be disabled via config)
- Added a "Craft All Instant" button to the S+ Laboratory
- S+ structures will now be alphabetized as if they did not have "S+" in their name (ie the S+ Crafting Station will now be in the C's, not lumped in the S's)
- Added genesis items & common ammo to the pull resource list
- You can now pick up S+ Dynamic Gates & Gateways (if server settings allow) and they will refund 50% of the crafting costs
- The S+ Mutator can be renamed
- Added 2 new conversion modes to the S+ Mutator: Xtreme & VR (can be disabled via config)
- The ferox is no longer affected by the allow breeding & gender change pulses while in large form
- Fixed issue with the S+ Mutator incorrectly converted some dinos
- S+ Animal Tender now collects Rare Flowers & Rare Mushrooms from Megachelons
- S+ Nanny will now feed Ambergris to Magmasaurs
- Items placed inside S+ Tek Storage & S+ Dedicated Storage will now have their weight significantly reduced
- The S+ Repair Station can now pull all the resources required to repair everything in its inventory

(note: Tribe limit configs will not destroy existing structures, merely prevent their placement once the limit is reached)
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